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Do no harm: the exercises that will ruin the waistline

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Do no harm: the exercises that will ruin the waistline

The contents

  • How to achieve the perfect press
  • Harmful exercises for the waist
  • The right physical exercise for a flat stomach

Many women tend to flat belly and slim waist. In the struggle for harmony are all possible means — diet, gym, group classes, massage hard hula Hoop, fat burning creams, breathing exercises, wrap in plastic and even vacuum cupping massage. It so happens that despite an active lifestyle, exercise and anti-cellulite scrubs, belly continues to grow, and the waist is a square. In this case, it creeps into his head, the question is: what am I doing wrong?

Reveal the secret: to achieve the perfect press can only be in two ways — a healthy diet and proper exercise. Cupping, heavy hula hoops and plastic film will not reduce your tummy and will not help to get rid of cellulite. Even if a popular blogger says that slender waist in the photo is the result of the chocolate wraps and the magical creams, don’t believe. Rely on scientific information that will help in adequate time to achieve the desired results. First and foremost, you should reconsider your exercise routine and eliminate exercises that help to increase belly. Along with MedAboutMe understand how to achieve a slim waist without registration and SMS.

How to achieve the perfect press

The ideal shape is a subjective concept. Someone dreams of a relief press, and someone like the plague is afraid of six-pack abs. Anyway, flabby muscles and hanging rolls of fat — not the most attractive version of the female figure. And also hazardous to health, the amount of visceral fat, which accumulates in the abdomen, directly affects our health and longevity. People with a large waist measurement is often thin diabetes, dementia, dementia, cancer and cardiovascular disease. So you should pay more attention to the folds of fat in this area. Not even for aesthetic reasons, but for concerns about their health.

If you want to be pronounced by the press and the waist you are not too concerned, then you can perform any exercises that involve the abdominal muscles plank, rock climber, can opener or twisting. Caveat: in order for the muscle was clearly outlined by the need to reduce the percentage of body fat. Be careful with various “dryers” and high-protein diets — they cause health damage. After a drastic reduction of carbohydrates and fats, you may face with functional bowel disorders, hair loss, poor skin condition, menstrual cycle disruptions, nervous diseases, as well as getting chronic constipation and vitamin deficiency. Seriously consider whether for the sake of the coveted six-pack abs to risk your health.

But what if you want a flat and toned stomach, not abs? Press to swing or not to swing? The answer is simple — practice, but choose the exercises wisely. And be sure to eat right — healthy food in reasonable quantities. Don’t forget about fiber — the norm for adults 25-40 grams per day. Avoid foods that cause flatulence. This is legumes, cabbage, mushrooms, dairy products, soft drinks, fresh apples and pears. Use them to diversify your diet, but in moderation. To create a calorie deficit and start the process of weight loss will help cardio — Jogging, bike, stair-stepper, a dynamic dance or swimming.

Harmful exercises for the waist

Not all physical activity is useful. Some exercises will forever bury your dreams of a wasp waist. Eliminate the “traitors” of their training program. Once you pericranium press, then to return to its former shape would be very difficult. The number one rule — do not swing the oblique abdominal muscles.

  • Inclinations in the parties

It does not matter with weight or without weight, with weights or with dumbbells — you need to stop this exercise and never go back. There is no better way to expand your waistline and achieve figures of the cartoon character Sponge Bob than the slopes in side. You make the oblique muscles to increase in volume, which visually make your figure look boxy. Remember: you can not make the waist smaller through exercise. Any impact on the muscles causes them to grow. It does not matter what mode you do power or mnogopotochnoy. Express the slopes in the direction of male bodybuilders.

  • Side twisting, or twisting the body from side to side

Another popular exercise. It is often performed with a weight in the course are dumbbells, barbell, pancakes and weights. No matter what technique you work. In all cases a lateral twisting actively engages the oblique abdominal muscles, increasing their volume. The result is a larger waist. With this exercise, eliminate the side bar and the side extensions at the gym — they give a similar effect.

  • More is not better

We have found that exercise makes our abdominal muscles to grow. As a result, our belly becomes more, not less. The size of the stomach increases at the expense of fat and volume in the abdominal muscles. If you train hard, the press will be more, and you — visually thicker and wider. To achieve a harmonious body, you need to know measure — physical activity should not be excessive. If you do not engage at all, the belly is flabby. And if you pertinents — there will be substantial press. One way out — the balance. Enough to perform a couple of crunches 2-3 times a week at the end of strength training for other muscle groups.

The right physical exercise for a flat stomach

One of the most effective exercises for abs — direct twisting. They allow you to use the entire range of abdominal muscles. Direct twisting can be done while lying on your back or a bench, in a vise or using the Roman chair. The most effective option — direct twisting in the air. Beginners can be made much easier with a support belt. Work in a large amplitude and with the maximum number of repetitions. It is sufficient to perform this exercise a couple times a week and your stomach will become elastic and beautiful. Don’t forget — we strive for a flat stomach, not an excessive press, so don’t overdo it with the load. This is the case when it is better to leave unfinished than to do too much. To complement the training program using the classic plank on elbows and vacuum is a great exercise to create a feminine press.

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