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Dmytro Gorobets entered the history of the first world champion IFBB

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28 October 2018 in the world of bodybuilding and fitness was the most significant event in the competitive season of the IFBB professional League – was chosen as the first champion of the world. The comparison took place in the category Men’s Physique professional League Elite Pro is among 15 athletes from ten countries. The next world Championships in other categories will be held according to the schedule:


  • Rome, Italy 3-4 November, in the category of Classic Physique
  • Benidorm, Spain, 10-11 November, categories Men’s Bodybuilding Open Bodybuilding up to 90kg
  • Beijing, China, 16-18 November, in the categories: Bikini Fitness, Women’s Fitness, Wellness, Bodyfitness and Women’s Physique

Dominated the whole season 2018-th year, the winner of various tournaments, including the recent festival of Arnold Classic Europe, cherkaschanin Dmytro Gorobets was the best in the line-mens-physicist in Bialystok, Poland. Judges of the competition were distributed to the TOP 5 in the IFBB Elite Pro World Championship 2018 in the following way:

1. Dmytro Horobets – Ukraine
2. Dennis Johansen – Norway
3. Dmytro Voievodchuk – Ukraine
4. Alexander Lavreev – Russia
5. Dennis Romanov – Russia

Thus, Dmytro Gorobets is officially the champion, first IFBB Elite Pro World are proud and congratulate our athletes!

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