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Disease, back: 7 effective recommendations for a healthy lifestyle

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1. Reduce the consumption of alcohol

Recent studies show that even a small amount of alcohol does not improve health. The safest drink is good wine, but it is better not to get involved.

2. Support form

It is believed that a good body mass index (BMI) between 18 and 24. The higher it is, the more likely to get sick, especially heart diseases. Try to exercise and eat healthy.

3. Check the level of radon in the house

Life in the atmosphere with elevated levels of radon can lead to lung problems and is the second most common cause of lung cancer. This gas can be created directly in the air and penetrate into the housing. Thanks to special devices you can monitor its level and, if necessary, to disinfection.

4. Do not breathe exhaust gases

In a big city is not so easy, but the toxins can have a negative impact on your health, especially if you have constantly to breathe. In addition to carbon dioxide, a very dangerous asbestos which is widely used in construction.

5. Check the level of sugar in the blood

Do not get carried away with sweets and foods high in starch (white bread, buns, desserts, potato chips). Once a year check the level of sugar and go to the doctor if it is elevated.

6. Less worry, more sleep

This versatile Board is not at all impossible to use. What a pity! Increase the level of cortisol, especially at night, increases the risk of heart attack, cancer and other health problems.

7. Check vitamin D

Many people don’t receive it, especially if you live in the North and even in the middle lane. And it is this vitamin strengthens the immune system, lowers blood pressure, helps to resist depression.

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