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Dinner you need: 10 foods that can be eaten at night

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First, to clarify: it is not the time at which you eat, and the quantity and quality of the food on your plate. Of course, you heard that night, the metabolism is reduced. But your body is permanent. While you sleep, produce new hormones, share the skin cells and hair. And for all this the body needs resources. Which you get if you right to dinner.

Mikhail Gavrilov
PhD, author of patented methods of correction of eating behavior and weight loss, a member of the Institute of functional medicine (IFM, USA)

White meat poultry

Steamed, baked, grilled, in a double boiler or a slow cooker to cook this meat, you can do whatever. But frying it in oil is not recommended — this method of cooking increases the caloric content of ready meals by about 40%. By the way, the white meat chicken and Turkey contains the amino acid tryptophan, which calms you down and makes you sleep better than any herbal tea. But don’t forget about the number — 130 g chicken or Turkey for dinner, no more.

Marine fish

From the point of view of assimilation, this product will give odds to poultry. On the digestion of fish the body will need about three hours at the most. Unlike freshwater inhabitants, the inhabitants of the sea are rich in minerals that are necessary for the synthesis of skin proteins — collagen and elastin.


The version of the diet seafood. And protein in it a lot, and iodine, which is necessary for normal activity of the thyroid gland, enough. For dinner there is a dish of boiled or steamed without butter squid.


Traditional morning product can become the basis for making hearty, healthy dinner, for example, fritata with vegetables. Chicken protein balanced by amino acid composition, which means that the body gets all the necessary for the synthesis of hormones. By the way, in the evening it is recommended to eat only egg whites, the yolk is better to leave in the morning.


Superfood for dinner vegetarians. Because these legumes are proteins and carbohydrates. For dinner it is better to choose black lentils. Besides, she quickly prepared — only 5 minutes.

Green vegetables

Lettuce, cucumbers, peppers, sprouts — all these foods are low in calories, but contain useful fiber and water soluble vitamins. The latter is necessary for the formation of skin cells (as you remember, this process is enhanced at night). The evening is enough to eat about 250 grams of green salad.


This low calorie grain is a valuable source of weight good for you minerals. Of course, a bowl of cereal at night to eat is not necessary. But a couple of tablespoons of boiled buckwheat with vegetables — that is necessary!


Choose the cheese is not more than 5% fat. But better don’t eat it raw. Cook it into cheese or a casserole — you’ll get a sense of satiety, not for a couple of hours, and at least 4.

Pumpkin seeds

Valuable source of omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids which are necessary for the synthesis of the skin cells (in particular, their membranes — membranes). Sprinkle shifts the salad, meat or add to cheese dishes.

Green sour apples

Apples are better to be learned, it is better to bake. By the way, the apples can be a unique dessert to meat dishes. What is their benefit? First of all contained in the pectin, which is food for beneficial bacteria.

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