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Diet: whether to sit on it to lose weight?

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What is it?

A meat diet was invented by the American mikhayla Peterson. It is assumed that people will have some time to eat beef (braised or grilled) with salt and water. And with a shot of Bourbon, which of course is nice. Other components — hot infrared sauna and cryotherapy (“treatment” cold) to disperse the metabolism.

Why should not try?

This method of weight loss there is no scientific studies, only the support of the meat lovers.

1. It is unsafe

Food low in carbohydrates can help to lose weight, but so long to live. Especially because this diet is not just low-carb, and deny everything, except meat. With this diet you can quickly get health problems: pain in different parts of the body, bone fragility, problems and failure of internal organs.

2. Little nutrients

Meat diet does not include fruits, vegetables, cereals, milk products — almost anything with vitamins and minerals. You don’t get a single gram of carbohydrates, and they are very important.

3. It’s a bad way to lose weight

The meat is quite nutritious product, while reducing the number of calories it portion will be small.

4. Diet affects the psyche

Like all extreme diets, meat can be a bad influence on mental health and mood.

It is important to understand that the preference of one product to all others is dangerous, even if we are talking about cucumbers. Therefore, meat diet and the like should stay away.

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