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Diet pills – do not believe the promises

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Manufacturers of weight-loss drugs give their products incredible properties, but most of them is a commercial legend. Never trust these promises on the packaging of the tablets.

In order to evaluate the effect of the pills for weight loss objective, need to understand the motive with which they were created. Manufacturers of tools for getting rid of excess weight pursuing the task to earn for their products, they need to sell goods at any price. The information shown on such funds is often a commercial legend. Below are six promises that can’t be trusted. If you see such a promise in the advertising of weight loss products, know that the manufacturer’s lying to you.

Losing weight without dieting

The easiest way to make a man believe what he wants to believe. By nature people tend to take the path of least resistance, they want to lose weight but don’t want to diet. Even the most effective tool will not work without adjustments to the eating plan, responsible manufacturer will never give such promises.

Lose weight without sport

Similarly, weight loss without diet this idea is utopian. Physical activity is essential for maintaining metabolism, is the main condition weight loss. Should work on strengthening muscle mass, it is the best ally in struggle against imperfections of figure.

Accelerating the metabolism

Since then, as it became known that weight loss depends on metabolic rate, all manufacturers began to say that their funds accelerate metabolism. These properties endow the tools with caffeine, green tea extract and other active components.

No Supplement will help speed up the metabolism, if you do not use natural ways – sports and proper nutrition.
Prolonged satiety

This promise was fair, but enough of you do proteins, dietary fiber and fats, and not the means on their own basis. Why resort to dubious composition and origin, if you can get long lasting satiety from food? Fruits and vegetables provide dietary fiber, fish and nuts – good fats, eggs and lean meat – protein. But all of these components will work, if not to eat their pizza.

Change body composition

In theory, this technique can work, but it does not have any objective evidence. The only conducted on this technique the study showed that linoleic acid may help to reduce the weight of the rodents. Against other active ingredients and their effects on humans no data available.

Blocking of absorbed carbohydrates

Sounds like an opportunity to eat sweets but to lose weight, sorry, but this does not happen. In practice, people do not lose weight, and get even more excess weight. The man begins to believe in the power of tablets and will allow herself to eat more fast carbs, causing the amount of fat in the body becomes higher.

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