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Diet is, no result: 6 common myths about nutrition

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Myth # 1: all salads useful

Vegetables — of course. But salads don’t consist of vegetables. For example, “Caesar” looks very useful, but it has hidden calories: cheese (6 g fat, 86 calories), sauce (20 grams fat, 184 calories). Even the croutons-croutons are usually fried, which doesn’t do much good. So, this salad gives you just 70% of the daily fats! “Olivier” and “Mimosa”, of course, are not far behind. So watch carefully what you eat, avoid heavy sauces and additives like bacon.

Myth # 2: I don’t eat fast food, only healthy snacks

The latter understand bars: granola and protein. On the one hand, they are useful, on the other — quite high in calories. The cereal bars contain grains, nuts and seeds, which are connected with sugar syrup. One granola bar with yogurt, fruits and nuts may be up to 4 tablespoons of sugar! So it is better to eat nuts by themselves — so you’re not getting excess calories.

Myth # 3: natural flavors better than sugar

In recent years there is a tendency to substitute sugar with something else. But it’s something, as a rule, gives no additional benefits in nutrients or fewer calories. Honey or agave syrup for the body is a little different from added sugar! So better to replace sugar with fruit. If you add a lot of sugar in pastries or drinks, reduce consumption by half per week. The difference in taste will not notice.

Myth # 4: dishes with fruit is good by default

For example, bread with the addition of bananas is, in fact, generally is not bread, and pie! Remember how much added oil and sugar. Fruit drinks often contain only 25-30% juice and rich in sugar. But even one hundred percent juices lose part of the value that can be obtained from the whole fruit. Smoothies are also under suspicion, especially if they do not you will not be able to control the lack of syrup, ice cream or sugar.

Myth # 5: low-calorie drinks

Obviously, trying to lose weight, you’re not going to drink tea with six sugars. But have you thought about the caloric content of alcohol? One glass of beer or sweet wine can “weigh” up to 300 kcal!

Myth # 6: healthy products you can eat a lot

Alas, the volume is also important. If the stomach constantly full, slowing down the metabolism. So watch hunger (maybe it’s lust?) and do not overeat.

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