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Diet in detail: 12 important things for those who want to lose weight

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1. Plan menu

Few people like it, but if you don’t want to plan, the result is unlikely to be noticeable. The menu for the next few days will help you to refrain from the consumption of excess calories.

2. Get some exercise

In 24 hours, and you have ever so run out of excuses that you can’t give 20 minutes to charge!

3. Drink smoothies, not juices

Best to eat real fruit, but if you like their liquid, I whipped in a blender.

4. Reduce the consumption of alcohol

Not so much because it’s not too useful habit. Just the alcohol pulls a high-calorie snack, but by itself can also cost you to do, if it’s a sweet cocktail.

5. Don’t trust the scales

They do not take into account the amount of water and fat in the body, the spread of readings is 1-2 pounds will not give you anything.

6. Think about your goals

Write on a piece of paper how much you want to sleep, how do you plan to move and relax. It will be easier to understand which direction to work.

7. Make sleep a priority

7 and better 8 hours of sleep will do for your health and shape more than many costly treatments.

8. Don’t make your salads with mayonnaise

And sour cream and other fatty sauces. Lemon juice, balsamic vinegar, olive oil — your priorities.

9. Do not overeat

Sometimes I want to eat in the café snacks, soup, salad, main course, dessert and to wash it all down with a couple of glasses of something intoxicating. Brain will be pleased, but the stomach is not very.

10. Order food

Going to the store (especially when hungry), it is possible to gain there are many tasty, but unhealthy. Ordering takeaway with deliberation of each item will help to change that.

11. More go

You sleep, then spend 9 hours in the office, then sit at home on the computer. Take time for traffic: it is best to take at least 10 thousands steps a day.

12. Eat what you like

Not what first came to hand. So you will save yourself from unnecessary calories.

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