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Diet and fitness classes to increase the mass

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Diet and fitness classes to increase the mass
The contents

  • Eating habits for weight gain
  • The nuances of the organization of fitness activities
  • The complex of physical exercises

Unwanted painful thinness — the same lack of shape, and overweight. It is found, of course, less common than overweight, but to troubleshoot it you need to make no less, and then several times more effort. This is due to physiological characteristics, in which the metabolic processes are so fast that excess calories and nutrients that the body could accumulate in the form of fat or muscle tissue, remains. To solve the problem of excessive thinness can be a comprehensive approach that includes special diet and exercise.

Eating habits for weight gain

Before you begin the process of weight gain, you need to ensure that the reason for the thinness is not any serious disease. For this it is necessary to undergo a medical examination and obtain the opinion of a specialist. If no health problems are detected, we can proceed to the correction of habitual diet. The use of a large number of harmful high-calorie foods to weight gain is absolutely the wrong tactic that is harmful to health.

A positive result of weight gain depends on how balanced the diet. In addition, the diet of the person wanting to get rid of excessive thinness, should be subject to the following principles:

  • caloric daily diet should be increased at least 1.5 times. This means that if individual daily rate, calculated with respect to anthropometric data and lifestyle features, is 2000 calories, then weight gain should be consumed at least 3000 calories a day;
  • to increase the caloric intake should not be at the expense of harmful products with a high content of fast carbs and fat, and by adding to the menu of protein and slow carbs. Protein foods will promote growth of muscle mass as a result of the power, and complex carbohydrates contained in food provide the body with plenty of energy. But excessive thinness is not forbidden periodically to eat sweet and flour dishes;
  • meals should be frequent — 5-6 times a day. The most hearty meals should consist of morning and afternoon hours. It is recommended to eat light food, during the digestion of the digestive tract which have little difficulties;
  • during the day periodically to have a bite to prevent the occurrence of acute hunger;
  • the diet should include as many vegetables as they increase appetite. But the amount of hot spices in the menu should be reduced, as they have the fat-burning effect;
  • in addition to vegetables in the menu should include dairy products high fat content, cereals, dressed with oil or milk, wholegrain bread and pasta from durum wheat, sweet high-calorie fruits (bananas, grapes), nuts, chocolate, dried fruit, fatty fish and all kinds of meat except pork;
  • to include in the diet foods, fast food, sweet drinks and alcohol to speed up weight gain is not recommended because the use of these products negatively affects health.

The nuances of the organization of fitness activities

Talk about safe and effective weight gain is possible only when increasing the volume of muscle, not fatty tissue. To stimulate growth of muscles, regular fitness classes, and in their organizations to consider the following important nuances:

  • need to train no more than 3 times a week. Tighter training schedule will speed up metabolic process and allow your body to burn a lot of calories necessary for weight gain;
  • fitness classes must wear a power character. That is anaerobic load, in contrast to aerobic fitness, which stimulate the process of lipolysis (fat cell breakdown), causing a significant increase in the volume and mass of muscle tissues. This is because heavy exercise performed with more weight, disrupt the structure of special muscle fibers — myofibrils. As a result of such trauma, namely, in the process of healing, the formation of new cells and fibers themselves compacted. Externally, these processes manifest themselves in a visible increase in muscles;
  • the number of repetitions of physical exercises for one approach should be minimal, since the regime of mnogopoliarnosti fat-burning;
  • the training should include, mainly, basic mnogocwetnye exercises involving several muscle groups. So in one lesson you can put a load on most of the major muscles and, accordingly, to accelerate the growth of muscles throughout the body;
  • before class fitness need to eat a small serving of complex carbohydrates, and after that a large amount of protein foods or drink protein shake. In the first case, the body receives energy, and the second building material for the formation of muscle cells;
  • training should begin with warm-UPS, trying to use it the minimum amount of cardio. Emphasis is needed on joint exercises and implementation of training approaches (without weight) of all exercise fitness program.

The complex of physical exercises

The training aimed at building muscle and hence increase body weight, they should include physical exercise with weights:

  • Squats with a barbell. Beginners can perform this exercise with dumbbells or in the Smith machine.
  • A variety of lunges with weights.
  • Presses weights while lying on the horizontal jimboy the bench or a bench with a sloping backrest.
  • Presses performed sitting or standing.
  • Deadlifts and other exercises traction.
  • Different variations of crunches to develop abdominal muscles.
  • Pull UPS are performed using different grip positions.
  • Push-UPS, which technique corresponds to the degree of development of muscles.
  • Hyperextension.
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