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Diet and exercise for fast pumping of muscles

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Diet and exercise for fast pumping of muscles

The contents

  • Differences training for relief from the gym on the weight
  • Specifics of diet to the relief of the body
  • Best home exercises to work out the terrain

Slim body with a clear relief of the muscles is the goal of most people who have decided to join the gym. It can be achieved quickly enough, if well-organized training process and to comply with certain rules guaranteeing the performance of the work on the development of the sports figure. Besides, to make the body relief do not have to visit the gym. You can exercise at home, adhering to the principles of proper nutrition.

Differences training for relief from the gym on the weight

Fitness classes for relief of muscle are somewhat different from those conducted with the goal of increasing muscle mass. The main differences are as follows:

  • for muscle growth you must train with projectiles of large mass that they received minor injuries, during the healing process which forms new cells as muscle tissue. Catching up on the terrain, it is enough to perform the exercises with their own weight or with minimal weights. This load gives tone to the muscles and strengthens them, and allows you to successfully engage in the home;
  • to give the body relief is important to combine power and cardio. Thanks to aerobic exercise reduces the amount of subcutaneous fat and thus muscles more visible;
  • unlike training on a lot in which it is necessary to use a large amount of calories, calorie diet when working on the relief must comply with a daily rate. In such circumstances, the body will be faster to get rid of fatty tissue that’s hiding the relief of the muscles.

Specifics of diet to the relief of the body

Diet is of great importance in the formation of the relief of the body. Therefore, in order to achieve this goal, it is necessary to introduce a number of important changes:

  • depending on the amount of excess body fat calorie menu should be reduced to a daily value, or create a small deficit.

To reduce the amount of calories in the diet need no more than 10%. Otherwise the body can start to use not only fat but also muscular tissue, to provide energy to maintain normal functioning;

  • nutrients in a menu must be balanced.

You must consume a sufficient amount of protein so that the muscles develop. The amount entering the body needs carbohydrates to meet its energy needs. From fats it is not necessary to give up completely, because they are actively involved in vital processes, but instead of animal fat in the diet should include vegetable and fish oils;

  • should abandon the usual three meals a day diet and go on a schedule of eating, involving 5-6 receptions – 3 main and 2-3 snacks.

Of course, the volume of servings should be small. Such a diet accelerates the metabolism and helps to avoid acute hunger, which often worries people that restrict calories in.

Best home exercises to work out the terrain

Home fitness training for relief can include the following effective training movement:

  • Push-UPS.

Their variety gives you the ability to do push-UPS for people with any level of physical training. The basis of any embodiment based on the principle of bringing the chest to the surface, which emphasizes the palms. For example, to do an exercise in classic technique, it is necessary to rest on the floor with palms and toes, having flat horizontal position. You should then inhale and bend elbows, bringing torso to the floor almost. Reaching the minimum distance between the floor and the chest, you need to exhale and smoothly straighten the upper extremity. Those who can’t do push-UPS so you can do it, resting his hands on the wall/hill or standing up in emphasis of knees and hands on the floor. If the degree of development of the muscles allows, we can include in the fitness training more complex technology push-UPS, for example, on the one hand or military option. In one workout is recommended to do push-UPS maximum number of times, distributing the entire load for 2-4 approach.

  • The pull-UPS.

For their performance, grasp the bar and lift your own body weight so high that the neck and the bar were on the same level. Beginners who find it difficult to catch up, you can do dead-hangs, providing a static load on the muscles and the training grip strength. This work will be much more efficient and better for the muscles than the correctly performed exercise, in which you can get injured. Learning to catch up, you need to use a different embodiment of the grip and placement of the hands on the bar to exert pressure on different muscle groups and add variety to the training process.

  • “Bicycle” in combination with twisting.

This exercise simultaneously strengthens the core muscles, and burns fat in the most problematic areas – the abdomen and thighs. To run it, you must first take the initial position: lie on back, pre-bed on the floor Mat for sport or a thin blanket, the lower limb to lift, and the top to make a head. Next, you need to bend one leg and bring the knee to the waist, simulating Cycling. At the same time to tear the torso off the floor and to direct the bent knee to the opposite elbow. Repeat all steps, bringing another pair of limbs. This element of home fitness classes for relief are easy to do not on the account, and at the time, making 3-4 passes with a duration of 2-4 minutes, or working until the occurrence of a burning sensation in the muscles of the abdomen and thighs.

  • Jogging.

Intense cardio helps to get rid of excess body fat, making the figure more slender and toned, and muscle – relief. That is why training must include a form of motor activity, engaging in 30-40 minutes. If Jogging is contraindicated due to health problems, they can be replaced with jumping rope or swimming.

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