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Dexter Jackson training with Mike Tyson

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The 2020 Mr. Olympia Show may well be the last time we see Dexter Jackson compete on stage. Jackson opened competitive 2020 with the intention to retire after Mr. Olympia (about this at ironflex.com.ua). If it's really planned this way, you can be sure that “The Blade” will do its best to prepare and surpass the form from its last pose. Then his only concern for now is whether he can attract the majority of fans to his final stage performance. The winner of the 2008 Mr. Olympia will turn 51 by the time the IFBB Professional League's main bodybuilding tournament takes place in winter. To leave after December, Jackson wants to do his best for the Las Vegas scene. His Instagram recently was full of workout videos of Brad “The Electrician” Rowe supervising him with his famous microcurrent muscle stimulator. The implications of this partnership are already obvious, as Jackson already looks thinner.

“The road to @mrolympiallc. We're working, not playing games with @bradbrowe. "

Surprisingly, Brad Rowe isn't the only star Dexter Jackson has trained with. Although another cult legend with which he spent time is not a bodybuilder at all. A recent Instagram post reveals that Dex is training alongside former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson, who has announced his imminent return to the ring.

“Master electrician / trainer @bradbrowe shocked me and champion @miketyson like no other yesterday! We're going to shake up the world! "

There is an ongoing debate in the bodybuilding community over what to expect from Dexter this year. If this is indeed his last competition, the question is how motivated Dex will be seen by bodybuilding fans on stage. Perhaps this extraordinary workout with the stars is an indication that Razor is really trying to end his competitive career at the top in winter Las Vegas.
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