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Dexter Jackson said the answer to the main question

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Veteran bodibilderami scene, which in two months will be 49 years old, Dexter Jackson (Dexter Jackson) at the last Olympia became only the seventh, which is a serious downgrade in his career. A year ago on a Las Vegas stage, “Razor” stood in the fourth position, which even then was considered unfair, but now everything has changed. This episode for Jackson began during a speech at the sports festival Arnold Classic Australia in 2018 in Australia, where an athlete received a sprain and strain of the left biceps, which became only the bronze prize-winner. Recently Dexter during the video said that he now does not know whether he will withstand more training to show Mr. Olympia. Of course the old blade repeatedly said that is not far off his pension, but only after he’s “something kick someone”. What is happening in the soul of the legendary bodybuilder Tolley is autumn melancholy felts Jackson seriously decides to say goodbye to competitive bodybuilding – is unknown. In any case, his fans will be happy to see their idol in a year, despite his promise to quit if he doesn’t come in the TOP 6 on the show Mr. Olympia 2018.

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