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Dexter Jackson Looks Unreal Before Arnold Classic's 15th Appearance

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The Arnold Classic 2020 Sports Festival is just around the corner, which means athletes are honing their physique 4 weeks before they hit the stage in Ohio. It will be a super-exciting event in which many of the best in the world fight, including the most productive bodybuilder in the history of the festival (record – 9 victories of Arnold Classic) Dexter Jackson (Dexter Jackson).

At 50 years old, no one had looked so impressive and did not fall into the top five at Olympia. Mr. Olympia, a 4-time Mr. Jay Cutler, recently posted a video on how Dexter Jackson trains when he prepares for a competition in 5 weeks. The video shows that Dexter Jackson is connected to a device controlled by IFBB Pro athlete Brad Rowe. It is called Neubie (NEURO-BIO-ELECTRIC STIMULATOR), which is an electrical stimulation device from NeuFit. It works on the tissues of the body and nervous system to promote healing and neuromuscular training, to improve overall performance and recovery. Dexter is still being trained by the famous Charles Glass, and it was a brutal workout that consisted of leg extension, leg presses, squats. And after training, Dexter Jackson praised this new work approach with Brad Rowe and Neubie. He explained that he now has no pain in his knee, and the progress he has made even since 2018 has been radical.

Fans are looking forward to what form Jackson will bring to the stage of Arnold this year, because he can be even better than last year. He will have serious competition with such elite bodybuilders as William Bonack, Big Rami, Rowley Winklaar and other best guys.
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