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Dexter jackson has become a popular online chef

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In such difficult times, it is now especially difficult for everyone to maintain a healthy fitness lifestyle. Thus, athletes must do everything possible to use their knowledge and willpower, to keep fit and not allow themselves to lose muscle. A few days ago, Dexter Jackson, who, incidentally, is the most successful bodybuilder and also the 2008 Olympia champion, shared one of his best recipes for this time. It was a simple meal consisting of chicken breast and rice, but he also added some seasonings and sauces. So this time he returned with part 2.

“Let's get back to this again with my second part of cooking quarantined food! After the first video, you guys asked me to do one more thing. Here is another one of my dishes that I like to eat during the offseason or in preparation for the competition. I make a video every week and you guys join in and let me know if you want to cook something for the chef. Let's cut it together and #stayhome and #stayhealthy! ”

His dish consists of organic pasta made from wheat and gluten-free brown rice, ground beef (you can use any meat or seafood of your choice) and natural pasta sauce. Jackson mentioned how you can eat this food on a diet because the pasta is actually not made from wheat.

“So yes, you can eat it when you are on a diet. As I said, this pasta is made from brown rice, and it really tastes like pasta, it's amazing. ”

He ended with the words: “Once again, this food should help you not gain excess weight, fat, or anything else. Because many of us sit at home and eat junk food. “I want to teach you guys how to eat right and not gain extra weight, because now we can’t go to a sports club or cardio.”
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Back at it again with my quarantine cooking part 2! After the first video you guys asked me to do another one. Here’s another one of my meals that I enjoy eating during offseason or contest prepping. I’ll do a video a week but you guys chime in and let me know if there’s anything you want Chef Blade to cook. 😬 Let’s chop it up together and #stayhome and #stayhealthy! DM me and let’s get started on one of my Nutrition Only custom meal plans or if you want, both a customized meal plan and a workout as well .. I’ve designed several #athomeworkouts. #dex #dexter #dexterjackson #dexterjacksonclassic #dexterjacksonproductions #mro #mrolympia # mrolympia08 #blade #built #builtbyblade # 30daychaenge #bodybyblade

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