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Dexter Jackson – 2020 Olympia May Not Be My Final Show

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In early 2020, bodybuilding legend Dexter Jackson was confident that this would be his last year in the competitive scene. Now, against the backdrop of how things are going in the world, it was not surprising to hear that Jackson hopes to participate in the competition beyond this year. He started 2020 with big intentions, hoping to win several appearances at various Arnold festivals before taking the Olympia stage for the last rodeo and then retiring (more on However, as he recently explained in the video interview below, this may not already be the case. Razor says he is considering participating in tournaments for another year: “I cannot retire if there is no one in the hall, brother. It depends on what we're like, ”Jackson said. “I talked to Jim Manion about this, Jim – 'come on, do another year, Jax!' You know Jim. It really depends on how things are going. All my fans say, "I know you won't retire at this time, with what happens," and so on. That is why I cannot give you a definite answer to the question of whether this will be my last year or not. I hope this doesn't happen because I want to win the (Arnold Classic) in Brazil. I need Brazil in the belt. " Ultimately, time will tell if Dexter Jackson really decides to leave after Mr. Olympia 2020. He's certainly right that most of the fans following his legendary career will be disappointed. At this point in his career, Jackson has nothing left to prove. He wins at the highest competitive level and has achieved everything that anyone in iron sports dreams of. The last stages of the 50-year-old's career have centered around expanding his legacy and his love of bodybuilding.
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