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Destroy fungi: 7 ways to beat thrush and evaluation of their effectiveness

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1. Creams and ointments from fungal infections

This is, perhaps, the most effective means, along with vaginal tablets and candles. With the doctor can find a cure that will work most effectively.

2. Oral medications

If the first paragraph is not enough, you are allergic or dislike this method of treatment, try to drink a magic pill of fluconazole (consult your doctor!). This drug is effective and in that case, if cystitis recurs. Treatment regimen may vary from one pill to the semi-regular use.

3. Boric acid

It is quite an old remedy for urinary tract infections success rate of about 40. Therefore, as a rule, it is not recommended in the first place. Besides candles you need to insert for two weeks, and they can cause a burning sensation.

4. Linen change

To prevent infections, the doctors suggest to wear breathable underwear. Clothing like bathing suits or sweat pants may facilitate the bacterial growth and changes in acid-base balance in the intimate area. So if you are faced with a yeast infection or something similar, go for the cotton and immediately change your clothes after training and swimming.

5. Change of method of contraception

Replacement of some other pills affect your hormonal balance, and if this effect is strong enough, you may receive the infection. If all went well, other tablets can help in treating existing problems. This strategy needs to be discussed with your doctor.

6. Yogurt

Applying yogurt or other product with probiotics is undesirable! In some cases it is more effective than doing nothing, but to self-medicate it is better not to do. Experts recommend eating yogurt to get the same effect.

7. Tea tree oil

It can be useful in the treatment of acne or foot fungus, but to put it on a tampon and insert inside is not recommended: the percentage of success is extremely low.

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