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Depression in pregnancy: why it is dangerous for a child

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So, instead of joy, you’re sad, force anything, not even simple tasks take a lot of time. Almost all of you respond in the negative, arguing with people, especially with the baby’s father. You have depression and the doctor said to abstain from drugs, if you can get out of bed.

It seems to be not so bad, but fresher research has shown that depression in these 9 months — the problem is not just for mothers. This condition can affect a child’s brain development!

The study of the American University of Wisconsin-Madison was attended by 101 women with severe depression and medium, and mild. When the children were one month, researchers conducted MRI of their brain. Those kids, whose mothers suffered severe depression, had less white matter in the brain.

Previously, scientists have linked the depression with the development of the unborn child, now this theory has been confirmed.

And what do you do? On the one hand, the study was not taken into account, the women who took the pills, in what dosage and for how long.

On the other — there is good news: there are non-drug ways of dealing with severe manifestations of depression:

  • sleep. Try to sleep even if it is uneasy, especially after the birth of the child;
  • therapy. If there are serious problems with a partner, look for a solution, from reading literature to referral to a specialist;
  • visualization. Depression often provokes an uncomfortable feeling that there is nothing you can do to achieve their goal. Aside from these thoughts, visualizing pleasant moments, it will be much easier.

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