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Deposit Shawn Rhoden arrested for rape increased, Heath and Greene were activated

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So the next show of the Mr. Olympia 2019 the new fifteenth statuette of Sandow. Of course, provided that it will not win again Dexter Jackson (Dexter Jackson) or return Phil Heath (Phil Heath), which after removal of the hernia can win “hands down”. The owners of this sports event the company AMI (American Media) has banned for life onstage in Las Vegas for the current Mr Olympia Shawn Rhoden (Shawn Rhoden), removed him from all advertising companies, including the withdrawal from sale of magazines Muscle & Fitness and FLEX, and all the paraphernalia with his picture. His sponsor, the company manufacturing sports supplements in Europe under the brand name Weider has not yet made a similar move and Rodin is still present on their official website. But such decisions are expected soon, as no business wants to be associated with a potential rapist. The Deposit amount of $500 000, issued by a court of the state of Utah, eloquently testifies to the presence of plausible evidence of the charges against Sean, in addition to the DNA. Now the Deposit was increased to $750 000.
Against the background of what is happening, with the thought of $400 000 for first place at the Olympia was activated and the top contenders for the money, including Phil Heath (Phil Heath) and Kai Greene (Kai Greene). Until they poll their fans if they would like their return, but time to prepare by September both athletes enough. View the video of the storis Instagram.


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