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Dementia and Alzheimer’s: how they differ and how to avoid them (spoiler: no)

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as the confusion in the mind, memory loss, mood swings, personal changes. And these symptoms can cause not only Alzheimer’s disease but also vascular dementia, mild dementia body and frontotemporal dementia. It is also wrong to say that Alzheimer’s is, and no dementia.

2. People react differently to words

Due to the mixing of these concepts turns out an embarrassment. Hearing “Alzheimer’s disease”, people relate it to physical conditions such as heart failure, heart attack, cancer, diabetes. But the word “dementia” come to mind age and mental health. Properly consider all of this mental disorder, not a physical disease.

3. Dementia is not waiting for old age to each

There is a myth that in old age does not avoid one or another form of dementia. And age is not a reason to assume that the presence of dementia normal. Because of this, people do not take any effort to avoid such problems, and in fact, for dementia, there are reasons (as opposed to a cancer which is prevented is not yet learned).

4. Most 90-year-old does not suffer from dementia

Statistics indicates that. But since many believe that there is no defense, you don’t think about prevention.

5. Almost half of adults do not know that dementia is one of the causes of death

This is revealed in research conducted in the UK, in other countries the percentage of people familiar with may be even lower. Dementia shortens life as well, like many diseases of the body, it can not be cured. And joke that “you have Alzheimer’s”, is tantamount to jokes about cancer.

6. The brain, affected by Alzheimer’s disease, weighs 140g less healthy

About one banana, which is quite a lot for the brain. But outside it is not noticeable.

7. Not only memory loss

Many believe that this is the main symptom of dementia. But he’s not the only over time, and physical. People are unable to leave home, experience problems with speech and swallowing.

8. Part of the risk factors you can control

Some people have a genetic predisposition to Alzheimer’s disease, and while this cannot be changed. But risks can be decreased. For example, it is better to quit Smoking, take care of the mental health (to treat depression), move more, watch your blood pressure and weight.

9. Healthy heart — healthy mind

Many of the risk factors associated with dementia affect the heart because these organs are closely connected. Most of the blood, processed by the heart goes to the brain.

10. Many problems start in middle age

Between 40 and 64 years are advised to carefully watch your blood pressure and sugar to avoid type II diabetes and heart problems. Also, it is crucial to treat depression and anxiety.

11. Not just older

And this is probably the most surprising fact in the collection. 2-8% of cases of dementia — those who have not yet reached retirement age. In one of the UK lives about 40 thousand people under the age of 65 suffering from this disorder.

12. Not only the memory

Dementia can manifest itself in different ways and do not necessarily affect memory. For example, there may be problems with vision: on the place of the puddle one sees the hole, because it changed the perception of three-dimensional space and color. Black Mat on the entrance to the store can seem an abyss. Now imagine, if you see the same thing: how uncomfortable you will feel!

The sparkling bathroom floor may be similar to the water — and all because the brain misunderstands the signals coming from the optic nerves.

13. Poor sleep is also a risk factor

Scientists believe that lack of sleep can lead to the development of the early symptoms of dementia.

14. There is no cure

At least for now. To stop the process, too, is impossible, can only slightly ease the symptoms.

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