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Delicious drinks that will melt your fat

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In winter, the body stores more fat to keep the organs warm, this is one of the causes of excess weight in the cold season. These healthy drinks will help to say goodbye to the fat.


According to experts, people gain weight in the winter due to the fact that the body retains more fat to maintain thermoregulation. To maintain a healthy weight more difficult in winter than in summer, requires a non-standard and pleasant method. These drinks will help the body to burn fat, their use in the cold season will help preserve the shape.

Green tea with additives

Green tea is a known remedy for weight loss, but most people can’t drink it in large quantities. To green tea is not boring, it is necessary to vary the supplements and start to enjoy different tastes. The most suitable Supplement for green tea is Jasmine, lemon, mint, strawberries and lemon balm.

Green tea with any natural Supplement will boost the metabolism, force the body to burn fat faster.
Smoothie with dark chocolate

The drink is perfect to maintain weight, you need to take the peeled mango fruit, a Cup of blueberries (frozen), three cups of spinach, spoonful of Chia seeds, half a Cup of almond milk and a teaspoon of honey. After grinding and mixing all components in a blender to a smoothie, you can add a bit of greenery. This quantity of mix will be enough for snacks during the whole day, its purpose is in maintaining satiety without harmful snacks.

Lemon water

Water is the elixir of life, but drink it in large quantity it will be even harder than green tea. In winter, the sense of thirst is dulled, but the body’s need for water becomes lower. Add to the water lemon juice, together they will effectively moisturize and cleanse the body. Getting rid of toxins is an important aspect of weight loss, so it is important to drink lemon water.

Black coffee

weight loss comes not only from fat but also from the excess fluid. Coffee is known for its diuretic properties, it enhances metabolism. In order to make coffee more effective for weight loss, it is necessary to add a little cinnamon.

Green smoothie with mango

The drink is not just healthy, but very tasty. You will need a banana, a mango, a glass of spinach, half an avocado and a Cup of almond milk. To green smoothies have gained a brighter flavor, you can add a little vanilla extract. The combination of these ingredients accelerate fat burning.

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