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Delicate place: 6 reasons why you may have sore nipples

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which can be a pain in the nipples.


This is the most common reason you may feel discomfort around the nipples. Perhaps you wear a bra the wrong size, and hard cups irritate the delicate skin of the nipples. Or do you despise the sports-bra is on workout wear regular. If you besides not take it after a workout, then a damp cloth can also be a cause of friction.

Due to the friction of the nipples can hurt, the skin dries and cracks. If you intensively and train a lot, don’t forget about additional precautions: if you feel that the sports bra isn’t enough and still feeling unpleasant, use nipple pads.


The nipple has already been damaged by friction or allergies, chapped or bleeding, represents a desirable target for infections. Especially risky period of lactation.
For example, the cause of pain in the nipples can become Candida albicans fungus. Simply put, a yeast infection of the breast. It can cause antibiotics, traumatized skin of the nipples or even just the stress and lack of sleep.
If you notice swelling in their nipple or noticed flakes of film or small bubbles run to the doctor.
Another danger is mastitis. It occurs in cases when the milk gets stuck in the milk ducts. There are bacteria and begin to multiply. Mastitis is treated with antibiotics.

Eczema of the nipples

If the pain and irritation accompanied by dry, cracked nipples and lesions, it is possible that the cause of eczema. Most often, it also occurs in nursing mothers due to the fact that the child is traumatized nipple.
Don’t worry, usually cure easy form is easy. The main thing — not to run.


If itching and inflammation of the skin on the nipple was unexpected, remember, maybe you’re wearing new underwear that has not been worn before? Or have used some lotion for the first time? Maybe the cause of your suffering — trivial allergic to a food product or a cosmetic. If you exclude the effect of the allergen, the Allergy will pass on their own. Your doctor may also prescribe taking antihistamines.

Hormonal changes

Many women have sensitivity of the skin of the nipples increases before menstruation. The fact that in this period, falling levels of estrogen that stimulate the sebaceous glands. In this regard, increased skin dryness. Usually when my period is over, the estrogen level begins to grow again and the irritation stops.
During pregnancy in women increases the number of ducts, the body prepares for lactation, expand blood vessels, so that itch during pregnancy — the same phenomenon is not rare.

Breast cancer

We remind you that October is the month of fight against breast cancer, so the more you know about the disease the better able to protect themselves and their loved ones.
Depending on the form and stage of disease in breast cancer women will notice discharge from the nipples: they can be transparent, whitish or yellowish. In some cases, the nipple is sealed and looks swollen. Discharge from the nipples not breastfeeding should be cause for you to go to the doctor.

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