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Deck: benefit or harm for the body?

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The nortestosterone decanoate (DECA) anabolic steroid formed in the body after prolonged physical exertion. Modern pharmacology offers products for the rapid recruitment of muscle mass, which include this element. Always whether, in practice, they are effective?

On the Internet about the steroid DECA feedback is rather positive than negative. Here are some of them:

  • Nandrolone Decanoate is a drug certainly interesting. It’s kind of like used by most pros, but it is recommended even for beginners!
  • From advanced guys in the last time often I hear about DECA-dick, but older people say that the 90s was the course Retabolil and everything was fine.

How are things really?

It should be noted that among the anabolic steroid DECA is one of the most proven, it was used in sports in the early 60s.

In the composition of nandrolone is missing a carbon atom in the 19th position, and that distinguishes it from the testosterone.

Such funds are characterized by a progestogenic activity and received the abbreviated name 19-nor.

What makes this activity?

  • The increased production of prolactin, which ordinary men do not need a gift, and the athlete even more so! The higher the prolactin level, the lower the level of testosterone. As a consequence, the reduced potency in males – that is lauded DECA-dick.
  • The accumulation of body fat in female type.
  • Appearance prolactinoma Gino, though I have heard otherwise!
  • Decreased libido and even lack. Unfortunately, I had a chance to personally feel after taking the next course of Decanoate.
  • But this is not at all happy right? In the pursuit of muscles need to take into account all the nuances, and not mindlessly eat all that praising fellow pitching. Well or deal with this negative activity.

    How to reduce progestinum activity?

    For this recommend taking Stanozolol, but it won’t help and at the lowest dose soundboard for 7 days (400 mg). Of course, there are drugs that can lower prolactin, but the guru of the USSR, loving the classics, under any pretext to take them will not.

    DECA-methane – classic bundle, and DECA-methane-testosterone – optimum rate weight. You know why? Pharmaceuticals the USSR to our ancestors of another could not offer, so a very tight range was in those days. Analogues or competitors of these steroids in the Windows of pharmacies is simply absent, so had to take what I have to mix everything and to settle for the drug DECA-methane-dough! For all its cleverness by our pitching as a mass inferior to the West, respectively, and the number of prize-winning places in the Championships too. Not surprisingly, the situation changed only when in the CIS countries began to do all kinds of drugs.

    Several recommendations modern kachtem

    Men are “old school” impossible to prove that curcit Nadrolone – not the best option, and all other more advanced guys give a few useful tips:

  • Enough about and no reason to take Tamox! To date, proposed effective drugs of new generation aimed at blocking Prolactin (Estrogens, etc.). If you eat immediately after Tamoxifen soundboard, the positive effects are silly to wait, because it progestogenic activity only enhanced!
  • If you need steroids long-acting to give preference to the safest and most high quality tools, in particular, Primobolan or Boldenone. Speaking about 19-nor steroids, it is best Trenbolone. It is possible of meat to gain muscle, and their water pump!
  • Without a test don’t use 19-nor means, otherwise the contents of endogenous testosterone will be reduced to a minimum, and Oh, how he needed the body.
  • Well, if you’re a fan decanoate, here competent FCT, which, by the way, and for trenbolone too:

    • 8 tablets of Cabergoline 0.25 mg. ideally, take it throughout the course. On the other hand, it hits the pocket. This material has a nice advantage: decrease recovery time after sex.
    • Clomid (second name – Clomiphene citrate) taken with a gradual reduction in dose. For 3 days 150 mg and 4 at 100 mg, then 14 days at 15 mg daily and 25 mg per day during the week.
    • 15-day add Tribulus (second name – Tribestan), vitamin E and Centeral take 30 days for instructions.

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