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Deceptively high-calorie foods

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Healthy foods can also be dangerous, some of them are a real caloric bomb. If you’re watching your weight and counting calories, be careful with these names.

These products are incredibly useful, but they have a common fault – too high calorie. If you want to stay fit and maintain energy balance, then be careful with these names.


A paste of sesame seeds is very useful and incredibly tasty, it contains lots of b vitamins and calcium. But per tablespoon of paste has 89 calories and 8 grams of fat. In order not to exceed the rate of caloric content, it is necessary to limit the portion to two tablespoons.


Quinoa is considered to be a diet alternative to rice and vegetarian source of protein. While a Cup of quinoa contains 222 calories, and a Cup of brown rice has 218 calories. Therefore, quinoa should be consumed sparingly, just like the pic, no more than half Cup per meal.


Danger of raisins that you can eat too much and not even notice. The grapes plenty of water, it brings satiety, to say the same thing about the raisins is impossible. A total of 40 grams of raisins contain as much as 130 calories.

Rice cakes

Weightless airy rice crackers lull the vigilance, with the same amount of calories as in an ordinary crackers. Rice crackers contain nutrients, but they are less than harm from empty calories.

Peanut butter

Just a tablespoon of peanut butter contains 100 calories, with this product so tasty that to stay at the right time will be difficult.

In order for peanut butter benefited from one-time intake should be limited to a tablespoon.
Chia Seeds

Given that a tablespoon of Chia seed contains no less than 70 calories, a harmless additive to smoothies can increase the energy value of the product 200 and more calories. This Superfoods need to be careful.

Dark chocolate

Real dark chocolate is rich in flavonoids and other antioxidants but calorie tiles of chocolate can reach up to 600 calories. In order to benefit and not to gain weight, you need to limit a pair of dice.

Whole wheat bread

Bread and other whole grain foods are positioned as sources of fiber in addition to dietary fiber they will have a lot of calories. Especially high-risk figures represent the products with additives for flavor and aroma.


All nuts contain a lot of fat, vitamins and minerals, but a small handful of nuts for caloric may be equated to a very hearty meal. 2 grams of nuts can contain up to 200 calories.

Olive oil

Adding to salad with two tablespoons of olive oil, you add to it even 238 calories, which is a lot. Olive oil must be present in the diet as a source of healthy fats, but the caloric content should be strictly controlled.

Baked tofu

By itself, tofu is considered a low calorie product, but if baked, the energy value will soar upwards. Every 50 grams of baked tofu contain at least 140 calories.


They look harmless bread, but the essence remains the same, a third of a Cup of these babies there is 110 calories. Thus, any dish breaded automatically becomes 100-150 calories satisfying.

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