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Dead deadlift fitness: benefits and proper technique

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Dead deadlift fitness: benefits and proper technique
The contents

  • Guidelines for doing these exercises
  • Methods of exercise
  • Mode fitness training
  • Romanian lift for women

Dead deadlifts — development of Romanian weightlifters, whose professionalism for many years helped Romania to win awards at the world Championships in powerlifting. From this exercise, in addition to the main, there are a few other names: Romanian rise and deadlift on straight legs.

This kind of thrust permissible with a barbell, kettlebells or dumbbells. A set of exercises with a barbell preferable, because with the projectile as comfortable as possible to hold hands at a desired distance from each other and to monitor the accuracy of all movements.

Romanian lift is a variation of a standard exercise, which was originally intended for high-power study of the thigh and gluteal muscle groups. From the perspective of the method of execution from the standard variation of the thrust of the Romanian type differs only in the fact that the projectile should be lowered to mid-Shin, not to the floor. However, from the perspective of the involvement of the muscles lift with straight legs with no negative effects on the lumbar. This significantly reduces the risk of injury, the occurrence of painful sprains, discomfort movements.

Guidelines for doing these exercises

These rules will help to make the training as efficient as possible without the standard mistakes made by newcomers.

  • The projectile should be deleted so that it is positioned closer to the legs, and the neck touched the thigh. In this position influence on the lumbar muscles is reduced, and the load on the muscles of the legs increases.
  • The head in the direction of travel must be placed so that it remains aligned with the bearing.
  • Do not round the spine, follow the position back during the running motion.
  • If you feel that to keep the spine in a straight position comes out, add the exercises of their training the movements for strengthening the spinal muscles hyperextension.
  • In the process of lifting barbells does not engage the elbow joints, wrist or lower back. This is a complex exercise that needs a correct work of the whole body.
  • To observe personal progress and results will help record the special fitness diary: record the date of training, the weight with which you are working, a number of approaches, repetitions, time of rest. Periodically take pictures: pictures will be an additional motivation to continue training.
  • Methods of exercise

    In General terms, the method of execution of Romanian lift is maintained. The differences are only in details (different equipment, starting position, number of repetitions in the individual complex of exercises).

    Rod in the supine position on the floor:

  • Starting position: position feet slightly wider than shoulders, bend your legs. On a deep breath the rotten rump and run a tilt with straight legs.
  • Grabbed the neck of the projectile medium grip, palms down please. Raise the bar in a deep breath. During the movement of the hand hold straight, the spine is curved in the lumbar, and the shell position closer to the feet.
  • Inhale, straighten up. Exhale and perform a tilt, lowering the neck to mid-Shin. Movement perform steadily, quietly, without jerks.
  • Run a specific number of repetitions according to the personal training plan.
  • Rod in position on the lugs:

  • Remove the top stops and ultimately straighten up.
  • Inhale, gently follow the slope, keeping the shell around the legs. When the neck falls to mid-Shin, hold the point of tension.
  • Pull the pelvis and simultaneously straighten on the inhalation.
  • Repeat desired number of times.
  • Rise to straight legs using the simulator Smith:

  • Shell Smith helps you to track the lifting rod, and is therefore best suited for girls and inexperienced athletes, who have just started to do fitness. The method of execution is the same as in the above variations.
  • Make sure that the spine was always bent and was in suspense.
  • Dead thrust using dumbbells:

  • The methodology of the Romanian thrust with dumbbells does not have a strong difference from the variety of thrust with a barbell. The main thing here should be given special attention — the correct position of the pair of shells.
  • During exercise you want to ultimately track the dumbbells in a vertical and in a horizontal area not to tolerate even small distortions. Only then the load will be distributed evenly on the right and left sides of the body.
  • A variation of the Romanian deadlift on one leg:

  • Take the shell (kettlebell, dumbbell) in your right hand.
  • Bend your left leg at the knee. Keeping the balance, make a tilt, simultaneously pushing your right foot back.
  • The hand with the shell should be perpendicular to the floor.
  • When the torso will be in a plane parallel to the floor, hold this position for a few seconds (the longer the better, however, the duration depends on the level of training and physical endurance), and gently, slowly return to the starting position.
  • After completing the desired number of repetitions, adjust the arm and leg.
  • Mode fitness training

    Before the start of classes will need to thoroughly warm up the muscles of the back, as when performing a complex exercise not only affects the thigh and calf muscles, but also on the lumbar muscles. At first, the mass of the rod does not have to be big — this will help avoid possible injury.

    First, you should only do 3-4 passes, not more. The number of repetitions in the approach is determined by the purpose of training. Usually the number varies from 6 to 18 times in one run depending on fitness level of the person, his personal programme of fitness training, the presence of contraindications, and other factors.

    Romanian lift for women

    Experts recommend girls to do this exercise, rather than a standard rod. All because Romanian version allow to load the gluteal and femoral muscles. These body parts are the most problematic female areas, however, the appropriate equipment will allow you to develop these muscle groups, make them attractive, toned, and podkorrektirovatj the outlines of the forms.

    In the standard deadlift the stress is distributed to the entire musculature at once, however, the Romanian variation involves the muscles that the girls are underdeveloped (the consequences of a sedentary lifestyle, irregular fitness).

    To achieve real results in that case, if you do a set of exercises with a dead traction on the straight legs of a systematic, regular and intense enough.

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