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Dazzling smile: the 5 most popular ways to whiten teeth

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Whitening strips

The easiest and cheapest method, which is suitable for use at home. To whiten their teeth is not difficult, but the result lasts long and brighten teeth only 1-2 shades.

Coal bleaching

The gluing strips for sensitive teeth can be frustrating. There is a more gentle way. Special powder removes plaque and brightens teeth. It is inexpensive and easy to use, but the effect is not enough.


There are other options of home whitening of the surface, for example, special pastes and gels which are applied on the tooth tray, and she needs to be put on the teeth and leave for a couple of hours. But regular toothpaste promising a whiter smile, as a rule, do not work.


This is the most effective method, but also the most expensive. The teeth gel is applied and then it is heated with a laser. The process takes about an hour. This whitening is not recommended for those who have delicate enamel or sensitive teeth.


This popular type of whitening technology similar to laser, only after applying the gel on the teeth Shine an ultraviolet lamp. It is believed that this procedure also helps to prevent tooth decay, but studies show different results. The disadvantage is that if a person smokes a lot, drinks a coffee or eats something that leaves a mark on the teeth, the effect may not be as long.

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