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Danger festive table: 7 tips on how to combine diet and party

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1. Don’t come hungry

This is perhaps the most important rule. Eat a normal Breakfast and lunch, and an hour before the start of the holiday delight yourself with protein shake, boiled eggs or a cheese sandwich. Then at the party you won’t be alone with dozens of incredibly delicious dishes.

2. Explore holiday table

Before everything, look closely at the dishes on the table and choose those that seem to be most delicious.

3. Be careful with the snacks

On the table, as a rule, there are sandwiches, canapés, olives and other small pieces of food, which then create extra calories, and you don’t even notice them. For example, a dozen olives pulls 150 calories one sandwich with butter and caviar — 300, and toast with roasted vegetables and egg — 250. And you’re still not actually eaten a thing!

4. First set

Put it on the plate for what you’re going to eat soon, check out the scale. If a party is involved in walking around the room with a plate and her constant replenishment, avoid such behavior. First put then you eat. So you can at least do something to control!

5. Be careful with the snacks

Pick out the ones that aren’t like the bread in mayonnaise with bacon and potatoes (so to speak). Remember that ahead of the main meal.

6. Watch what you eat

Do not mindlessly swallow food. Enjoy the texture, color, taste, smell. If you don’t like dish, you don’t have to finish eating, so as not to offend the owners!

7. Distracted

If you feel that you’ve had enough, excuse yourself from the table, go on the balcony or in the bathroom. Take a break, then come back to food. Certainly don’t want to eat as much again!

8. Drink water

Between alcoholic drinks, don’t forget to drink a glass of water. First, will sahneleri. Secondly, you won’t want to eat lots of food.

9. Eat dessert

Let this advice is somewhat contrary to the idea of diet, but the holidays can be a little step back from everyday life and not feel deprived. Don’t cut off half of the cake, a small slice is enough.

10. Prepare myself

If you are a hostess, you can make it your own. And to dilute the traditional holiday dishes are no less tasty, but more useful. To sweeten the cookie, you can use the fruit and jam instead of sugar.

11. A holiday is a holiday

If you woke up with an extra kilo after the feast, life did not end there. The more that you met with family or friends and have a good time. Life is too short to berate yourself for birthday cake!

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