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Cyril Chudaev – prize winner at the Wings of Strength Pro Muscle Fest Romania 2018

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Became available the official results of the professional tournament Wings of Strength Pro Muscle Fest Romania 2018, which is a qualifier for the upcoming Olympia 2019. Kharkiv classic-physicist Cyril Kudaev was again in the prizes of the competition. And again bronze at the Ukrainian athlete after the German confrontation on the Dennis James Classic in 2018. Chudaev puts three more points to his ranking and now shares the third position in the table of qualification points for the show Olympia 2019. And the winner among the eighteen applicants in the group was the French debutant Woilid Baatout, received a pro-card this year for the victory at Olympia Amateur Italy. On his page on Instagram Chudaev thanked his fans for believing in him and promised to collect enough points to Las Vegas next fall.

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