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Cry Yaroslavna! How often you need to cry to release stress?

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Hidefumi, Yoshida — a former University Professor and now namida sensei (“master of tears”) as he called himself. For more than six years, he goes around Japan lecturing about the importance of crying and reads them in companies, universities and schools.

“The act of crying or laughter better than sleep when it comes to reducing stress. If you cry once a week in the life stress in General will not,” says Yoshida.

In 2014, he has assembled a team of scientists to conduct experiments based on stress from crying. Given that Japan has one of the highest levels of mortality from suicide among the developed countries (16.6 per hundred thousand people), such studies are very important. By the way, the first place among the countries “big twenty” is South Korea (25,8), the second — Russia (19,3). More than 90% of those who attempted suicide, suffer from depression.

In a study involving residents of 30 countries of the world, many admit that they feel better after a good cry.

As you know, the human body produces three types of tears: reflex (helps to remove from the eyes stimuli), basal (wetting) and emotional. We are talking about them. The first study of tears was conducted in the 60-ies, when he was made an interesting conclusion. Other similar processes (perspiration, urination, exhalation) is removed from the body of excess substances. Emotional tears, in fact, help to get rid of excess compounds that the body creates in response to stress. In addition, the crying slows the breath, relaxes, and stimulates the production of endorphins.

Experts believe that men especially it is important not to hold back the tears (and that is what they are taught from childhood). If you are constantly hiding emotions, increases the risk of mental disorders. So ashamed of crying does not need anyone!

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