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Crunches on incline bench

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Exercises on press do at the end of each workout. But not all and not always. In bodybuilding crunches on incline bench is a necessary part of the plan for the athlete-the first athlete average. Those who have enough exaggerated press usually only “frighten” its more simple exercises. In other security disciplines the curl on incline bench is also used. Law enforcers are doing it to compensate for the deflection in the spine, which occurs when the squats. Athletes of other areas – just to pump up the press. This popular movement is rather a lot of subtleties. After all, most athletes does it not correctly, but only at the expense of the quadriceps and jerking body. But it is necessary to learn how to do the twist right, and you will feel the difference.

The contents

  • 1 Technique
    • 1.1 the embodiments of the
  • 2 the anatomy of the exercise — what muscles are working
  • 3 Preparing to run
  • 4, the Correct implementation
  • 5 Mistakes
  • 6. Recommendations for effective implementation
  • 7 inclusion in the program
  • 8 Contraindications
  • 9 Alternatives


Original position

  • Fix the knees on the cushions of the bench for twisting;
  • Press your buttocks to the surface of the bench;
  • Pull your abdomen;
  • Put your hands behind your head;
  • And lean back to horizontal


  • On the exhale, lower abdominal muscles;
  • Bring the lower ribs to the pelvic bones;
  • Pull your stomach even more;
  • At the peak of the contraction a little longer, and then repeat again.


  • Technically, some people make a full recovery, but not twisting. They lay on the bench and due to the inertia and strength of the quadriceps lift the hull completely. This movement is not advisable to do so, because the press will not work any longer for such technology;
  • No need to bend the lower back inside order to increase the amplitude. It overloads the back and can cause protrusion;
  • Avoid pressure with your palms on the back of the head. Too strong pressure may offset the cervical vertebrae;
  • You should adjust the bench so that the lower leg is not much “waste” from the pillows of the simulator when lowering the body down.


  • The twisting is accomplished by rounding the back and not at the expense of “delivery” of the shoulders to the knees by a strong flexion in the hip joint. Round the spine and bring the shoulders forward;
  • Try to observe the principle of “exhale on effort”. Peak contraction at the top point should be performed when the air in the lungs is almost there;
  • Work smoothly, avoid jerks, the effort to lift the body become more dosed, and insulation work


  • In the Roman chair. This simulator is designed to protect the back of the athlete. It is only important to fit the athlete growth. You need to ensure that the pelvis during the twisting does not get away. The athlete can perform tilt back a little deeper than the usual torsion;
  • Diagonal or double screen twisting. In this exercise, we reach the opposite shoulder to hip or knee. This option needs more work oblique muscles. But he does not give significant hypertrophy, so those who want to have a thin waist, it is also possible to do;
  • Twisting from a prone position on the bench. This variant is reminiscent of the classic twisting lying on the floor. Full rise of the case is not required here. The goal of the athlete is to bring the lower ribs to the pelvic bones. You need to pull the belly and gradually bring the ribs to the pelvis, and then down to the starting position;
  • Twisting with weights. Help not just build muscles but also to work on press in the power mode. Press with the weights shake in order to get “marked blocks”, the hypertrophy of the muscles.

The anatomy of the exercise — what muscles are working

Working the target muscle and accessory muscles:

  • The rectus abdominis
  • Quads, obliques, tensor of the broad fascia, the iliac-psoas muscle

Benefits of exercises:

  • Suitable for beginners;
  • Allows you to progress and increase the load;
  • Not traumatic;
  • Has many modifications and variants


Those who walk in a cheap room will have a long time to suffer if their legs, a little more volume than the average person. It is not convenient to exercise in an inclined bench and those who have great hamstrings. Such people can’t always handle cheap small shop for themselves. More professional equipment takes into account the anthropometric characteristics of professional athletes. The second drawback – the inability to adequately perform the movement at home. Sold benches for the house universal, but they’ve only to download the press and not to perform other exercises too.

Prepare to run

You need to set the incline bench about 30 degrees, and adjust the height of the rollers-clamps so that the feet comfortable and pelvis when lifting remained on the bench. You need to practice lifting on the bench, to develop its original position.

If the projectile is swinging from side to side, should reinforce it by putting the pancakes on both sides from the legs.

The press usually shake at the end of the workout, and warm up in front of him is not needed. If a person has problems with mobility in the hip joints, it is to perform a circular rotation of the pelvis, abduction of the hips to the side and tilts forward enough to warm up.

The correct execution

  • The very twisting of the spine starts in about two thirds of the amplitude at the top. The rise is due to the strength of the abdominal muscles, and not due to the inertia, the “acceleration” of the hull with your legs, or reduction of the quadriceps;
  • Hands is impossible to put pressure on the back of the head. They should either slightly to hold the head in the temple area, or be stretched along the body. Stretch the hands forward is not recommended, as it contributes to the development of wrong habits – stretch chest and neck forward, and no twist to the hips;
  • The lower back is necessary to keep as flat as possible, do not round it much;
  • The head is not necessary to throw back or chin to stretch forward;
  • The shoulders may be rounded forward, lifting with a flat back no need;
  • In the upper part the amplitude of the spine is approximately a right angle with the femur


  • Throwing back shell;
  • Too little angle between the femur and the spine;
  • Breath hold;
  • Jerks his arms forward;
  • Pressure with your hands on your head

Recommendations for effective implementation

  • To strengthen the load can be increasing the angle of inclination of the back benches. Beginners can start to perform the exercise with a nearly flat bench, gradually increasing the angle;
  • The additional weight in the case of this exercise – the pancake from the rod or medicine balls;
  • Allowed static hold at the top;
  • Increases the load and the method is super-slow, that is twisting on 10 accounts and same slow lowering;
  • The closer the hands are to the head, the more active is included of the press. But if you capture hands hips nothing happens

Inclusion in the program

The training program is an individual thing. A combine in one workout a few exercises at the press, for example, lifts leg raises or leg lifts while lying down. Others believe that much point in 2-3 exercises for abs not. In fact, a direct twisting gives the abdominal muscle tone, and can help with cubes, if a person has little body fat. But for those who have problems with posture, and pronounced lordosis, it is necessary to do leg lifts.

If a person does a lot of bends with barbells or hyperextension, it makes sense to do the curl on incline bench, and leg raises. This will help to avoid iliac muscle hypertonicity, and pain.

In the security disciplines of direct twisting on the bench can combine with twisting standing, that is, an exercise similar to “the prayer”, but performed in a standing position. Security officers must remember that 3-4 approaches with a weight with which you can perform twisting on 5-6 times is quite enough. Cubes, burning and other stories “beautiful abs” it is necessary to leave the fitness models. To much squat and press, need a strong press, and not a thin waist.

For those who want to lose weight, perform too many crunches, too, is not recommended. 2-3 business to failure at the end of training is a necessary minimum and the maximum. If you perestrelyat press, it will not become embossed and beautiful faster. Some bodybuilders do 3 or 4 workout sets of 20 reps, but this is the level above beginner.


Not recommended this activity for any injuries of the hip joint and femoral neck. Back problems and lower back must also be addressed before a client will discover a decline bench. Even a simple discomfort in the low back means that it is better to go on a fitball, lying or twisting;

High blood pressure should not make the angle of the bench too high. A significant tilt angle promotes a rush of blood to the head, and may result in pressure drop.

Not recommended for bench with a high instep and for those who have myopia and a propensity to retinal detachment. Such person must actively perform exercises in which the head is below the thorax. Moreover, one should not “naturopaths” when pumping the press. Better to do leg lifts in Wies with this disease;

Exercise can be quite unsafe and in cases of hernias of the spine. If there are no speakers of deterioration, the choice of exercise should be discussed with your doctor.


Similar in action is a simple twist on the bench lying down exercises on the floor. Some people manage to do direct to buy a trainer for hyperextension, but that’s what you want.

This exercise can be replaced and the twist in the simulator at a press sitting. If you concentrate on the movement, the effect is approximately the same as from simple twisting.

Press is important to work out in practice, but his elevation was important to organize a balanced diet, not overeating, and burn excessive body fat.

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