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Crossover: advantages and technique of the exercise

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Crossover: advantages and technique of the exercise

The contents

  • The benefits of training in a crossover
  • Effective practice crossover technique elements
  • Varieties of physical activity: how to choose a crossover

Strength exercises to increase muscle mass, relevant for both beginners and experienced athletes. Such physical activity involves the use of various exercise equipment, most of which are intended to impact only on a specific muscle group. However, there are devices that have a universal effect – one of these is crossover. It is a multifunctional device that helps to work different muscle groups and can be used both indoors and in the home.

The benefits of training in a crossover

Appearance crossover unremarkable and quite simple in its basic device. His base is based on two high durable stands with a crossbar between them, which are equipped with different sets of weights and cables with roller mechanisms. Cables, in turn, mounted on a special swivel mechanism and is equipped with the cargo. During exercise on the treadmill athlete, overcoming tension, moves the cargo along a predetermined path. This cable you can pull under any angle and from any position.

Usually, the crossover is equipped with a standard set of goods which allow, depending on the physical preparation of the athlete and his sporting goals, select the proper load. All this makes the simulator accessible and useful not only for sports but also for rehabilitation after injuries, diseases, and recovery of motor activity.

Moreover, to some extent, the crossover can replace a whole gym, giving the opportunity to pump up the muscles of the back, shoulders, arms, chest, abdominals, legs and hips. Modern designs are compact, useful functionality and are made of high quality lightweight materials for ease of installation and Assembly. Since the traction units are fixed in a special frame, the possibility of injury is minimized. The simulator is equipped with strong and reliable cables, designed for long life.

Thus, it is possible to summarize the information and identify the main advantages of the crossover:

  • good fixation and support of the athlete’s body, protecting him from the sports injuries;
  • the availability of a variety of effective exercises for working various muscle groups;
  • the possibility of using additional modules, allowing further diversify physical activity;
  • the indispensable rehabilitation and restoration after various traumas.

Effective practice crossover technique elements

First we need to choose an appropriate working weight for the exercise. It needs to be equilibrium on both sides, and get close so that physical exercise performed under control, without jerks, with moderate, but not excessive, tension. You should also observe the exercise, try to keep your back straight and do not forget about proper breathing – the load is always on the exhale and relaxing on the breath.

Most often, the development of crossover starts with a baseline approach, which consists in the reduction of the limbs under the selected load. A classic and effective exercise for the chest muscles is performed as follows.

  • To exhibit its desired weight. To occupy between the uprights starting position – back straight, feet shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent. Slightly lean forward for greater stability, you can put in front of him one foot, periodically changing to a different limb.
  • Raise the arms and hold on to the handle blocks so it is good to feel the muscles of a breast. Elbows should remain slightly bent. Lock static for a few seconds.
  • On the exhale, keeping a flat back and without bending the elbows, slowly bring the hands in front of him. During the movement should try to maximize the use of your chest muscles. To stay in peak voltage for 1-2 seconds.
  • Breathe in and take the starting position.
  • Exercise is working the lower part of the chest.

    Effective exercises in the crossover can be included in a training program after a more severe base load. To fulfill their needs with small or average weight of 10-15 repetitions of 2-3 sets. Some trainers recommend combining the simulator with the push UPS, alternating one approach each exercise. For example, to perform 20-30 push-UPS, then without a break to work 10-15 information of the owner and after some rest go for second approach.

    We should again emphasize the fact that while performing this exercise, the elbows maintain a slight angle – about 10 degrees, and do not bend at the lowest point in the execution of the item. If observed the correct technique exercises, the trajectory of the hands will resemble a semicircle. You must also ensure that the back and shoulders remained squared, movements smooth and uniform, and the load fell on the chest muscles and not the muscles of the hands.

    Varieties of physical activity: how to choose a crossover

    To begin to determine where and for what purposes you will use the crossover. Indeed, apart from such an explicit option as the cost, you also need to consider the size of devices that require a sufficiently large free area. If you want to build muscle in the home, the large dimensions of the device may require some modification sports facilities. Therefore, when choosing a crossover, you must read its dimensions.

    As for the quality of materials, the modern models in all price categories are made of strong, durable and reliable metal alloys. Therefore, the main parameters of the choice should be the characteristics of classrooms, financial resources and personal preferences of the athlete.

    Before buying a crossover it is recommended to test the equipment in the fitness room and make sure that physical activity with him is comfortable and does not cause any discomfort. You should also familiarize yourself with the equipment, because some popular models are equipped with a professional set, often remaining unclaimed.

    Thus, crossover allows you to perform a variety of exercises aimed at giving shape and volume of the different muscle groups. Its isolated effect allows you not only to gain the desired muscle mass in the target area, but also to give relief to those areas of the body that already has excellent physical training.

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