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Crossfit workout for men: basic tips

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Crossfit is one of the effective types of sports disciplines. Classes in this sport improves endurance athlete and make the body fit and muscle relief. Crossfit training for men will be most effective if practised strictly according to the program, not sparing himself.

The benefit of workouts for men

Crossfit is functional exercises that help improve the quality of life of men. This happens due to the stimulation of the endocrine system, which from the age of 30 years, is rapidly deteriorating. Due to the fall in the level of testosterone at men is observed a reduction of muscle mass, reduction of libido, worsening of mood, etc. Systematic training helps to maintain optimal for the male body testosterone levels.

If you do crossfit intensively and in full measure, then begins to produce this hormone as somatotropin (or growth hormone), the main function of which is:

  • promotion of bone tissue;
  • increase the prominence of the muscles;
  • fat burning;
  • promoting good metabolism.

According to medical reports, growth hormone deficiency causes a weakening of the functions of the brain, confusion, feeling depressed, and also early aging.
Tips for balancing training programs

Workouts in crossfit are very hard, especially for beginners. It’s not so easy as it might seem at first glance. It is impossible to train arbitrarily, you must follow special training programs, where will take into account every detail. Before you decided to start doing crossfit, deal. Take a few hours to learn such a difficult, but effective discipline to the process to avoid mistakes. Learn about the techniques of performance training (for example, the EMOM is a technique based on the alternation of classes when performing each new exercise at the beginning of the next minute). Don’t think that entirely you learn about crossfit, read only theory. Full understanding will only come through a few months of implementing the training in practice.

Warm-up and warm-up

Mens crossfit is a pretty complex sport, before which is necessary to perform a quality workout. It was important to stretch all the muscles: arms, legs, back, chest, buttocks, and to develop joints and ligaments, train your cardiovascular system and mentally prepare for difficult exercises. Only after a good warm-up, which is sure to be felt (you are a little tired, want to drink, have a good sweat), you are ready to use. Usually the workout takes approximately half an hour.

Professional athletes who train with large loads, where it involved most of the joints, use a special ointment for warming up the muscles. Thanks to her, the muscles do not have time to cool in between series of exercises. Experienced athletes for many years use this technique.

The correct execution of the exercises

During exercise you need to be careful with choosing the optimal load for your body. Please note some tips:

  • Follow the load on the spine. Performing at once such exercises as the bench press bar, army deadlifts with more weight and lunges is a bad choice which can lead to serious injury and suspend you from training for a long time.
  • crossfit – training program for men, in which a large burden falls on the cardiovascular system. Often in pursuit of the best performance rides pressure. To avoid this, you need to check your heart rate, because the main objective of any sport is to improve health. So don’t forget to take with you to the gym heart rate monitor and use it always with heavy exercise.
  • Beginners often try to chase for high scores, especially for complex training methods. First, improve your skills, honing the proper technique for performing basic exercises. For example, perform squats and lunges with a barbell on a small scale, or climbing the rope and jumping on the curb. So your muscle memory will remember the technique that will allow you to progress to more challenging workouts.

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