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Crossfit workout: features intense fitness for beginners

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Crossfit workout: features intense fitness for beginners
The contents

  • Home crossfit as a replacement for the fitness center
  • Where to start
  • Features of the fitness workouts
  • Sample exercise program for beginners

There are many options of workouts for fans to do their body. Fitness, yoga, workout to choose from the form loads each, depending on preference, the data of the athlete and goals. A good choice for home workouts — crossfit. Exercise this system suitable for trained athletes and beginners, and thanks to the versatility of the crossfit develops all muscle groups.

Home crossfit as a replacement for the fitness center

As for crossfit, there is no need for a large amount of complex projectiles for training under this system there is no need to buy a subscription to the gym. Enough of the horizontal bar or the crossbar, rope, not too soft Mat and weights — such as dumbbells or just bottles of water. In the future, you might need a rod or a weight.

The key point of the fitness training program crossfit is a high rate. On vacation you can’t spend a lot of time, and each element is performed in the most rapid rhythm. Because this speed is extremely important to observe so as not to injure themselves.

Crossfit allows you to develop all muscle groups. In fact, it is the basic exercises from other sports — powerlifting, gymnastics, athletics. An important detail is the ability to scale the load depending on the training data and athlete. You can change the weight, number of repetitions, total training time. You can even replace the complex exercises more easily. Fitness workout system crossfit consist of the following elements:

  • Kipping, i.e. pull-UPS with abrupt accelerations at the top;
  • Burpee — the connection of push-UPS, jump squats, applied to strength training in different armies of the world;
  • Jump explosive squats with a jump up;
  • Push-UPS, performed dramatically, with clapping hands;
  • Leg lifts on the bar;
  • Jumping rope;
  • Lifting dumbbells or other weights to your chest;
  • Many others, on individual preferences.

To improve the efficiency of training you can add to them running on the street, jumping on a bench with a height of 50-60 centimeters, parallel bars and wall bars.

Where to start

Despite the fact that the key to the effectiveness of fitness training is the execution speed, at first it is better not to hurry. First you need to learn proper technique and then increase the pace and load. For example a popular exercise called “bear walk” eventually becomes a “bear run”, but if you try to run from the first month of training you can obtain various injuries.

Given the intensity of the loads in this type of fitness like crossfit underestimate the importance of warm-up impossible. A good warm-up will stretch the ligaments and warm up the muscles, and in General prepare the body for exercise. The main thing is not to overdo the warm-up and implement its more slowly than the main part of the workout, otherwise you can get tired even before the main load, or even injury. For an effective workout there are a few rules:

  • Best warm up is imitation exercises, core workout, but with less weight;
  • Cardio workout before strength training — not the best option;
  • To warm up just a few minutes and 2-3 exercises;
  • Before strength training warming up the joints and those muscle groups that will be given to the load. It makes no sense to stretch your legs, if today plans to work on the arms and chest.

By following these simple instructions, you can go to the main part of the workout.

Features of the fitness workouts

The fitness system crossfit is 1-2 complex in each workout. The complex is a sequence of several exercises. As a rule, exercises of the complex is performed in a circle a few times with a given number of repetitions and a fixed time to complete each of them. Example — 5 rounds each 15 push UPS, 10 pull-UPS, 20 sit-UPS. There is another option of fitness training in crossfit — sharing exercises on the minute and perform every minute until the end. This type of complex is called Every Minute Of The Minute (EMOM). Such training is recorded in the format EMOM 20 squats with jump 10 minutes. This means that per minute you need to do 20 sit-UPS, and remaining until the end of the minute time to have a rest and repeat this cycle 10 times. Accordingly, the faster the outcome of the approach, the more time the athlete will be at rest before the next approach.

At the end of the training necessary to conduct a hitch. It is necessary to return the body to a restful state. This helps protect from injury and improves your performance. After executing the complexes do not stop moving — in a calm, slow pace, jump rope, walk around the room to catch my breath. This will slow down the pulse, will lead to normal hormones. After that, you need a good stretch. Pull every muscle for about a minute. No need to strain your muscles to the limit, you just need to feel how the muscle stretches.

Sample exercise program for beginners

You can find the right program for fitness system crossfit, quite simply, the flexibility and scalability of the system allows it. Any complex, you can simplify, or complicate, if load is not enough. It is enough to train three days a week, taking breaks between classes, and on Saturday and Sunday arranging the weekend. This rhythm gives the body the capability to recover. Consider the program on days of the week.


  • Burpee — 10-15 reps;
  • Bending the arms with weights, increasing the pace 20-30 times;
  • Pull legs to chest on the bar, increasing the tempo — 15-20 times;
  • Explosive pushups — 15 reps

Tuesday — rest.


  • Burpee with a small weighting, for example, a pillow 10 times;
  • 10-15 explosive push-UPS;
  • 15-20 repetitions of the exercise, jump;
  • Pull-UPS leg raises on the bar — 15-20 times, accelerating tempo

Thursday — rest.


  • 10-15 jumps;
  • Running on the spot, accelerating — 2-3 minutes;
  • Burpee — 10-15 times, without weighting, accelerating;
  • Explosive push-UPS — 10-15 reps at a fast pace.

Each complex is repeated 2-3 times. Training must start with a warm up, and after the load is hitch. You can further complicate the program, increasing the weight, number of repetitions, or changing the exercises more challenging.

The correct execution of the elements of a healthy diet, regular exercise and focus on results will bear fruit. Crossfit will strengthen muscles, to increase strength, improve terrain, and after a period of adaptation the body is rebuilt and no longer afraid of exertion.

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