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Crossfit workout: against excess weight and figure flaws

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The complex of physical exercises, which aims at effectively burning fat and building muscle relief just 2 hours a week.

The pace of life is rapidly gaining speed, and to do everything – need to meet. The sport is becoming a great helper for those who want to achieve success and maintain power and energy. Everywhere open sports clubs, courses, martial arts, gyms. Everyone is looking for the direction that it will fit the parameters of health and personal preferences, the desire to devote as much free time.

Today we will discuss a new kind of high intensity exercise. Crossfit is suitable for weight loss and muscle gain, but is necessary to choose the right set of exercises, which will fight not only obesity, but also bad mood. In any case the main thing – to start.

Crossfit: what is it
Crossfit is a program tailor-made trainings, which aim is to harden the body, to develop strength, endurance and burn the extra pounds.

Exercises are aerobic in nature, have a high intensity and use oxygen as the main energy source, which provides the best muscle.

The crossfit program aims to:

  • •burning excess fat
  • •acceleration of metabolism
  • •tightening of the muscles
  • •creating outlines of shapes
  • •training strength and endurance
  • •recovery of the organism

These results are achieved with the correct implementation of the proposed further exercises and regular repetition of training.

Crossfit and fat burning

The mechanism crossfiting class represents a sequence of exercises for different muscle groups, including abs, glutes, legs, hands, etc. This complex physical activity quickly and effectively gets the blood flowing, burn body fat, body structures and trains endurance. The result can be easily achieved in 1 hour if repeated 2-3 times a week. .

60 minutes this workout burns 1000 calories. Hard to believe, as when running or walking for 1 hour time is spent 450-500, which makes training crossfit unique.

Crossfit for everyone

There are three approaches to crossfit training. First, a campaign group classes and exercises together with other participants who came for different reasons: some to pump up the press, others charged with energy, and the third a long time dream to lose weight. The second option is training under the supervision of a personal instructor who will make an individual program selected in accordance with the wishes and flaws.

The third option is the most convenient and suitable for each, as is done in the home. But the complexity of this approach is that you need to keep yourself motivated on the result and to find time for classes, regardless of domestic issues. The “home” option allows you to save Finance: no need to pay for a gym membership, a trainer and can adjust the exercises that fit your schedule.

When you select any program crossfit workouts are suitable for weight loss and muscle growth and lead to the desired results.

Crossfit: effective exercises

Today focus on simple and easy crossfit workout, where you do not even need to purchase special equipment. For a start, here are the simple exercises that knows anyone who has ever attended physical education classes in school:

  • •squats;
  • •jumping on the spot;
  • •push-UPS;
  • •the gun;
  • •front side bracket;
  • •attacks;
  • •bakirovna;

The effectiveness of training is achieved when combining all of the elements that add up to the whole combination and add load. Consider a few complex exercises.


The element is good for developing coordination and is aimed at tightening the gluteal muscles.

To correctly perform the exercise, imagine a skater. The initial position is shown in figure: the half squat by straightening one leg back and bending the other in front of you; you must lean on your front foot and hands to send to the side, as if to strike before launch. Then, changing simultaneously the position of the hands and feet and start the movement, representing the movement across the ice at great speed. The exercise is performed for 5 minutes without stopping and repeated at least 2 times after a pause that allows for the effective operation of all muscles.

2. Some burpees

Consider an element of crossfit to burn fat, which will also help to bring the body in tone and will not take a lot of time and effort. This combo is aimed at the elaboration of muscles of the back, arms and legs. Regular fulfilling of your body in 1 month will begin to delight both externally and internally. It is important to perform a combination correctly, which consists of four exercises:

  • perform a deep squat from standing and reach your hands to the floor;
  • straighten legs back, press from the floor;
  • return feet to the squat;
  • committed a sharp jump up, straightening the arms in the direction of movement.
  • If you have done everything right, then after the first visit it will feel the influx of energy, which will help to repeat this at the 9 time. Do not be lazy, if you want to achieve fast result.

    3. Setup-press

    Exercise from crossfit for the press. Like the classic bend of the body, lying on the floor, but is more energy and intensity. This is achieved by straightening the arms up, forming one line with the body. Exercise it turns out is more difficult than traditional crunches, which gives a greater effect.

    Crossfit = results

    In this paper, we have considered only a small part of what can offer crossfit without stock, and how much interesting can be performed when dumbbells and various ancillary items. It is important to carry out sports equipment correctly and regularly, then the result will not keep itself waiting. And the process of achieving the goals: washboard abs, weight loss and General endurance training – will be destined for success.

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