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Crossfit-training in the home: principles and exercises

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Crossfit-training in the home: principles and exercises

The contents

  • The principles of the training style of crossfit
  • A set of exercises for home
  • Additional endurance exercise

Crossfit is a training program based on performing strength exercises at a high pace. Regular classes allow you to quickly build a strong and beautiful body, significantly build your endurance and strength, even when training at home. Be aware that crossfit requires some skill strength training and refined technique elements. High speed movements makes the high risk of injury, and if improperly performed exercises more likely to be injured. Therefore, they are recommended for experienced athletes who want to test the boundaries of his powers. New traders should not chase a fast result, you need to practice the technique of each exercise.

The principles of the training style of crossfit

Those who are willing to complete the fitness training program crossfit, you must be aware of the following rules:

  • One of the purposes of crossfit is to increase the endurance of the human body, so the athlete should strive to reduce the rest time between sets. In the early stages it will be incredibly difficult, but gradually your body adapts and becomes stronger.
  • All exercises should be done before maximum fatigue overcoming themselves and making the best of it “in full.”
  • Training days should be allocated so that they were as diverse and interesting. In the classroom should work through different muscle groups from various angles load. It is necessary to track that all muscle groups receive the necessary load, maintaining the sufficient amount of time for their recovery.
  • Many advocates of crossfit, trying to stick to the principle of “drink water only after a workout”, but it is important to monitor their health and do not hurt yourself by refusing water in time of great stress for the body.
  • For home practice it will take some sports equipment: pair of dumbbells weighing 2-5 kg, and a stable bench or box that can withstand the jump on him. The duration of the classes do not exceed 35 minutes, but it is important to remember that training is accompanied by a high pulse, so to tighten it you should not.

    A set of exercises for home

    Presented the training program designed for 2 training sessions a week. Each exercise is performed for 16 times. Classes need to be detected next time it will need to be faster. Before the main block it is better to spend a short warm-up to warm up the muscles.

    A set of exercises looks like this:

    • Mahi hand.

    Stand straight, placing your feet slightly wider than shoulder Department. The weighting is put on the floor between the feet. Squat, take a fitness projectile right hand so that the inner side of the brush was drawn to himself. Quickly straightened, rising up on his toes. When you do this, pull the elbow of the working limbs up, flexing it slightly, averting to the side. The brush is below the level of the elbow joint. Slightly bend legs in knee joints, right upper limb with a dumbbell over my head. Return to original position, repeat the movement. Then change the working hand.

    • Gait of a bear.

    In this fitness-exercise get up on all fours so that the palms were located under the shoulders and hips over knees. In this position straighten the legs, lifting the hips up. This position will be original. Start moving forward while the opposite limbs. It is important in the course of element to keep your balance and not fall sideways. 35 bear steps in any direction after each completed doing exercises from this training.

    • Swings with two hands.

    Stand up straight. Feet slightly wider than shoulder Department, socks deployed. Squat, hands with a fitness shell is lowered between the thighs. Straightened, pulling the limbs up, trying at the same time maximally align the spine.

    • Attacks.

    Hold a dumbbell in the working hand, the hand launched itself. Make a step forward, legs bent at right angles. Hand raised above the head. Then back to original position and repeat the fitness exercise.

    • Thrust in the position of sumo.

    Hold a dumbbell in both hands, stand up straight, legs wide apart feet. Hands dipped between my thighs, hands are deployed on himself. Squat, then lean forward, keeping your back straight. Straightened, raising his hands to the level of the clavicles.

    • Jumping over the box.

    Stand before the obstacle, slightly squat down and jump over him. After the turn around and jump back.

    • G-position.

    Squat with your back to the wall, palms resting on the floor. You put your feet on the wall and climb up so that the body formed a right angle in the hip joints. Hold the pose for 15 seconds, then fall down. To complicate the item, you have to do push-UPS in this position.

    In the early stages of implementation of this set of exercises is permissible to make the rest between sets. Then it should be gradually reduced to completely remove. For the complexity of the classes increase the number of rounds in training.

    Additional endurance exercise

    To complement and diversify the training, you can use other exercises from crossfit. One of the most effective and popular elements is some burpees. To perform a squat, jump, push both legs back, taking the emphasis lying. Push-UPS, jump return feet to hands, jump up, raising his hands above his head. Then squat again and repeat the exercise. If possible, the program can be supplemented with Jogging on the street. For this purpose, a short sprint races of 200 m at maximum speed.

    Exercises also can be supplemented with these elements:

    • jumping in height with clamping the knees to the chest;
    • jumping from a deep squat with hands on the nape;
    • pushups with a blow of the palm on the palm;
    • pulling up to a fast pace;
    • sit-up;
    • walking on the hands;
    • squats on one leg.

    There are two options for classes:

    • For a limited time.

    The athlete determines in advance the time of fitness classes and performs training movements in a circle, until the end of the allotted time.

    • According to the program.

    The athlete selects a certain amount of exercise, record the number of repetitions and approaches. Conducts training, noting time, and at the next workout tends to reduce the resulting time period.

    A method of training an athlete determines their own, given their training and free time.

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