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Crossfit training in the hall: the best program

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Crossfit is one of the most effective types of workouts, which are based on exercises similar to human movement in everyday life. Those who wish to have a beautiful body, you often do. Often the best choice is crossfit training in the gym.

The history of crossfit training

The beginning of the existence of training crossfit was launched at the end of the 20th century in America and was used to fire troops and the Navy. In 2000, the United States was created a branding system for CrossFit Inc., through which built many specialized gyms, enjoying great popularity. In 2012, the firm Reebok has started to cooperate with the Corporation, whereby the program crossfit has gained wide popularity.

Today crossfit gyms built in almost all countries, including in Russia. It should be noted that all the sports clubs who use the name “CrossFit” must pay the company cash deductions, so they use the trademarked name.

The pros and cons of training

Crossfit workouts have a number of advantages. First, it is a cardio workout which is useful for strengthening the cardiovascular system and respiration. Second, the basic strength exercises build up muscles that support the body in tone and enhance muscle definition. So, when doing crossfit, there is a General formation of the body: boosts endurance, reaction speed, increase power quality, accelerates metabolism. The newcomers, who decided to do this type of cardio workouts, with each new lesson, you notice an improvement of the result.

Big, and, most likely, the only drawback of training is the beginners chase for the highest performance.

It can provoke serious injuries, after which a long time will have to recover. Usually those who just started, don’t want to understand the rules of exercise, and strive to do the exercises as quickly as possible and with a big load. As a rule, nothing good is not finished. Practice should start at light loads and proper breathing.

Crossfit gym

The training program crossfit gym is training, which involves all muscle groups. Exercises include:

  • pulling iron;
  • run;
  • pull-UPS on ropes;
  • up pegboard;
  • jumping over a box;
  • work on the parallel bars;
  • bench press bar;
  • aerobic exercise and many others.

When you exercise the principle of povtoryaemosti. The training plan will include completely different classes, training different from other muscle groups. It is impossible in any case to carry out training, in which successively will develop the same muscles. This can lead to overtraining the muscle strength and slow down the next exercise. For example, were allocated up pegboard and pull-UPS. Chest muscles, and so worn out, and they again involve.

The training program at crossfit are divided into 4 types:

  • pulling a load, including work on the bars and any other rods;
  • push press, including lifting weights, push-UPS, burpees, etc.;
  • the load on the leg muscles, for example squats, lifting limbs, attacks;
  • cardio load, coaching heart, breath and strengthens the blood vessels.

For crossfit workouts is best suited gym because it has all the necessary equipment. Beginner is better to deal with a trainer who will choose for him an individual training plan and will monitor the correct execution of the exercises.

Tips for the beginner

crossfit is a quite complex system of training to which it is desirable to prepare:

  • Before start to do daily Jogging, do pushups and pullups on the bar. Thus you will increase endurance and will be able to do for a long time.
  • Important and mental attitude when it seems that you can no longer do any exercise, force yourself to continue.
  • Great importance is food. To know which food will help you the most, you can from your trainer. As properly the diet should include foods rich in proteins, vitamins and fiber. If you’re after a workout to consume fatty food or fast food, to achieve a good result you will not succeed.
  • To drink during the lessons you want in moderation, without overdoing. Only after waiting 15-20 minutes after a workout, you can drink in any quantity.

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