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Crossfit: lessons, rules and exercises for girls

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Crossfit: lessons, rules and exercises for girls
The contents

  • The basic rules for doing crossfit
  • The advantages of crossfit
  • Training program for beginners fitness enthusiasts
  • For fitness workouts
  • The scheme of the training process
  • Crossfit for girls: features exercise programs

Crossfit — the modern fitness technique is circuit training that allows you to achieve impressive results. It can be done without leaving home and without using costly sports equipment. It is a compilation of intensive exercise, a balanced difficulty and aimed at the comprehensive strengthening of all muscle groups. The main condition of training system, crossfit: the performance of elements at full power and almost to the point of exhaustion. Many exercises are based on the principles of plyometric: augmented motion with a sharp, explosive force.

Regular crossfit classes will help to get rid of excess weight and contribute to correction of figures under the desired parameters.

The basic rules for doing crossfit

The main principle of crossfit — perform the maximum amount of load for a minimum period of time. So the training gave the desired result, you must follow certain rules:

  • Fitness training to exhaustion: the system is based on exhausting the high-physical activity.
  • The lack of breaks between exercises. Between training sets the minimum acceptable breaks: with each subsequent training time should be reduced. Ideally, the elements should run continuously: this achieves maximum effectiveness.
  • A variety of training program: classes should not be boring and monotonous.
  • The inclusion of all muscle groups.
  • The correct technique of executing elements.
  • Drink water before and during fitness classes is not recommended, and the last meal should be 2 hours before workout. To compensate for the water balance is better after the training sets.
  • The load increase must be gradual. Large load on an untrained body will give a negative effect and can lead to serious failures in its work.
  • Frequency of lessons: 2 times a week.
  • It is important to alternate workout days and rest. It is necessary for the effective recovery of muscle fibers. The lack of rest between classes can lead to rapid depletion of the body. Consider this when planning your own schedule: two workouts in a row shouldn’t be.
  • The advantages of crossfit

    Crossfit is a kind of symbiosis of strength exercises, cardio and plyometric. This technique allows you to develop strength and endurance, to stabilize the cardiovascular system, to get rid of excess subcutaneous fat, form of relief, toned body.

    Intensive training crossfit at home almost as good as training in the fitness centers. Thanks to them you can significantly save money by forgoing visits to the gym.

    Training program for beginners fitness enthusiasts

    Start exercising with crossfit, preferably with simple, basic elements in a moderate pace. Among these must be:

  • Burpee (combination of classic push UPS and jumps out up; you can perform the weight in the hands).
  • Classic pull-UPS on the bar at an extremely rapid pace.
  • Plyometric squats: a deep squat and a sharp, explosive jumping up.
  • Push-UPS with clap your hands during straightening of hands.
  • High-amplitude leg lifts from hang on the bar.
  • V-shaped crunches to strengthen upper and lower abs.
  • Jumping on the bench or jumping height (box, low bench, stool).
  • Crossfit is a universal fitness training, able to quickly model the figure. Is no restriction on gender and age of performers. Everyone can make their own training program, combining different exercises according to their own health and physical fitness. Options for effective the fitness of the elements of a great multitude, so everyone will be able to make a program of their own taste.

    For fitness workouts

    Classes can be conducted in 2 ways:

  • By a premeditated plan every time you need to record the time spent executing the program to compare results and monitor progress.
  • For a strictly limited period: the specified period you should try to do as many sports items.
  • The scheme of the training process

    To begin, you must warm-up the warm-up. It allow to prepare muscles and ligaments to the load, thereby minimizing the risk of injury, prevent discomfort type cramps and tingling, and reduce pain syndrome after previous fitness classes.

    The approximate scheme of training:

    • 10-minute workout;
    • the training, consisting of 3-5 rounds of repetitive motion;
    • cool down: slow stretching exercises and relaxation.

    Between sets valid a few seconds of rest.

    Crossfit for girls: features exercise programs

    Crossfit allows you to increase tone of the muscle fibers, to tighten the body, lose weight, get rid of problem areas without excessive build up muscle mass. Therefore, such training is especially popular with the fair sex. Women’s program of studies may include:

    • intense running on the spot;
    • deep squats with lowering pelvis below the knees (without lifting the heels off the ground);
    • squats on one leg;
    • lunges forward and backward;
    • push-UPS;
    • classical and cross twisting;
    • the exercise “Bicycle”;
    • burpee — effective combination of strength training and cardio to start burning fat;
    • plank at least 30 seconds (each class must hold a static load on the muscles);
    • jumping rope.

    Crossfit is a very effective way of healing the body and maintaining optimal physical fitness for those people who for whatever reason are not able to visit the gym.

    Hard work on the limit — a key principle of these fitness workouts. As a result of lessons should be a strong burning sensation in the muscles, which testifies to the quality of their work.

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