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Crossfit in HLS: the harm, the benefits of exercise, and eating habits

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Crossfit in HLS: the harm, the benefits of exercise, and eating habits

The contents

  • Crossfit workout at HLS
  • Diet when doing crossfit
  • Sports nutrition when doing crossfit
  • The benefits and harms of exercise crossfit

Every year around the world, the growing popularity of fitness. More and more people of different ages begins to attend gyms and fitness clubs. Due to the variety of sports disciplines, everyone can choose and buy yourself. But in recent years, among young people there has been a trend — crossfit. The latter, in fact, is an intense circular exercise, the main purpose of which is the harmonious development of the whole body and getting rid of excess weight. It is due to the combined effect on all the body and effective fat reduction crossfit became popular among the followers of healthy lifestyle.

Crossfit workout at HLS

A healthy lifestyle includes not only exercise, but also a certain diet and avoiding harmful habits. In fact, no matter what kind of sports will deal with people, the main thing — desire to work on themselves.

Among HLS crossfit has become popular for its combination of strength and aerobic training. It allows us to treat all muscle groups and helps burn fat. The training duration may be reduced to 30 minutes. Also the popularity of crossfit among HLS due to its dietary requirements of athletes.

Diet when doing crossfit

Training on this system high-intensity and energy-consuming. Therefore, the food must be of high quality and fully satisfying all the needs of the body.

  • It is necessary to reduce “fast” carbohydrates — pastries, bread made from white flour, sugary drinks, sugar. With the slow carbohydrates the body needs to obtain from a variety of cereals (buckwheat, rice, barley) and pasta-class A (from durum wheat). Allowed limited use of whole-wheat bread with bran;
  • Amino acids must be ingested in large quantity. Therefore, the obligatory inclusion in the diet of sports nutrition protein products: poultry, fish, eggs, nuts, lean red meat. The only condition — all products should be boiled or steamed. When frying food are harmful substances for the body that is contrary to the philosophy of a healthy diet;
  • Vegetables and fruits must be included in the menu of the athlete. First, they saturate the body with vitamins and minerals. Secondly, fruits and vegetables contain large amounts of fiber. Latest improves peristalsis and helps to improve the work of gastrointestinal tract;
  • It is impossible to completely exclude fats from the diet. Allowed the limited use of vegetable oils.

Correctly composed diet in combination with fractional diet will supply the body with the necessary substances and also to promote getting rid of excess weight. If the athlete’s diet is not balanced or are missing any items, to make up for deficiencies will help sports nutrition.

Sports nutrition when doing crossfit

Not all types of sports nutrition recognized by experts as effective. Below are the most effective.

  • Protein.

Protein shakes can fill the lack of amino acids. The latter is necessary for muscle growth and hormone production. The recommended protein intake for athletes is 1.5-2 g per 1 kg of body weight;

  • Creatine.

High intensity training requires a large amount of energy. Creatine helps to increase energy reserves of the body due to water retention in the body tissues. It also helps to increase strength and endurance of the athlete;

  • Vitamin-mineral complexes.

Due to the Northern climate, the majority of the country’s inhabitants live with the constant deficiency. To compensate the lack of essential nutrients can help vitamin complexes.

Sports nutrition, diet, comprehensive training — all components of the sport system crossfit. Many experts believe that this technique is extremely useful for the development of the body and promote good health. But there is a considerable group of opponents of this kind of training. Next, we consider the pros and cons of this system.

The benefits and harms of exercise crossfit

Individually, the exercises used in crossfit training, not have a negative impact on the body. But some experts distinguish the following disadvantages:

  • The lack of a clear specialization.

Doing crossfit, he becomes stronger and tougher, but his strength will never be even close to comparable to a professional lifter or bodybuilder. Also, this athlete will never be able to achieve the speed performance of the athlete. In other words, crossfit will not allow you to compete with professional athletes, your level will always be Amateur;

  • No real muscle growth.

Yes, the body of the athlete involved in crossfit, in any case will change. But wait gain large muscle mass is not necessary;

  • Strong strain on the heart.

According to some experts, in particular Professor Seluanov V. N., this discipline has a negative effect on the muscles of the heart. This is due to the extreme loads that combines strength training and aerobic. In result muscle fibers “zakislate”, which is extremely harmful for the heart.

The pros of crossfit:

  • Increase endurance of the body;
  • A great variety of exercises;
  • Quick results in correction;
  • A complex effect on all muscle groups.

This method of training is very controversial. With all the seemingly positive properties, for all its popularity, this system has its negative sides, which is spoken by professional scientists. The same Professor] V. N., head of the laboratory “Information technologies in sport”, claims that crossfit is only suitable for trained athletes. Newcomers, he said, can cause more harm than good. Disagree with him a lot of HLS and famous fitness model, for example, Maria Shinkevich. Therefore it is recommended to try this method, but with limitations — eliminate strength exercises with weights, such as squats, presses the bar and others. So you’ll reduce the load on the heart and protect yourself from injury.

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