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Crossfit home training: exercises of different difficulty levels

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Crossfit home training: exercises of different difficulty levels

The contents

  • The features of crossfit training
  • Complexes of exercises for homework

    • Exercise 1
    • Exercise 2
    • Exercise 3
    • Exercise 4
    • Exercise 5
  • Crossfit for independent fitness training

    • Circuit training weight
    • Need to do 6 circles in the following order:
    • Training method AMRAP
    • Complex EMOM
    • Training method “Ten to one”
    • Program 10 rounds of 20 reps
    • Training Murphy
    • The training is based on the AMRAP
    • Workout AMRAP for upper body
    • The full impact of AMRAP
    • Fat burning crossfit

To keep in shape, doing fitness for many has become a useful habit. But sometimes, for various reasons, no possibility to go to the gym. In such a situation come to the aid of the high-intensity crossfit training that you can perform at home, outdoors, and even traveling. For exercise does not require additional equipment. Class time is usually not more than half an hour. Therefore, this training system is suitable, in particular, and very busy people.

The features of crossfit training

Crossfit — high-intensity training, often based on repetitive execution of several functional exercises.

This training allows for a short time to work out all muscle groups, helps to develop stamina and coordination.

Crossfit in my classes, used as professional athletes, and fans. All you need is to choose the right exercises and the mode of their execution.

Complexes of exercises for homework

Exercise 1

This crossfit training is built on the principle AMRAP — As Many Reps/Rounds As Possible, that is, a certain time is performed as many repetitions or approaches.

In 10 minutes it is necessary to perform the maximum possible number of rounds of the following exercises. At the same time to relax between jobs and community is impossible.

  • Burpee — 10 reps.
  • Squats — 20 repetitions.
  • Crunches — 30 reps.

Exercise 2

This is another variant of the training AMRAP for 15 minutes. To have enough power for the whole workout, you can maintain the average pace of the movements. Each exercise is performed 10 times in one approach.

  • Squats on one leg. The free leg is exposed forward during squats. Beginners can perform the exercise against the wall.
  • The pull-UPS. If the crossbar is not, you can skip the exercise and go to the next item.
  • Jumping on a bench or platform.
  • Push-UPS.
  • Twisting.

Exercise 3

Running 5 laps without a break. Exercises should be done one after the other.

  • Pushups on upside down. Is performed in a vertical handstand with your back to support — for example, to a wall or fence. To do 5 times. Can replace the conventional push-UPS.
  • Attacks in combination with jumps “jumping Jack” — 10 reps each leg.
  • Alternately bending the legs in the support position — 15 reps.
  • Running on the treadmill — a distance of 200 metres. You can replace a quick run for 30 seconds.

Exercise 4

Training EMOM — its name stands for Every Minute on the Minute, which translated means “every minute for a minute”.

The training duration is 20 minutes. All the exercises of the complex are performed for 60 seconds. If the repeat is made before the specified date, a break before the next minute. Thus, for all the classes you need to do 5 practice laps.

  • Burpee — 10 times.
  • Jumping on the bench 15 times.
  • UPS on the bench 15 times.
  • Kettlebell figure of eight 20 times.

Exercise 5

This option crossfit workout designed for athletes with a high level of endurance. If it comes easy, it is possible to double the load. All exercises are performed without interruption.

  • Run 800 meters.
  • 50 push-UPS.
  • 100 sit-UPS.
  • 150 twists.
  • Run 800 meters.

Crossfit for independent fitness training

The proposed set of exercises suited to athletes with any level of training. For classes need only the crossbar. A simple but effective program elements allow you to organize independent fitness training at home or on the street.

Circuit training weight
Need to do 6 circles in the following order:

  • 10 pull-UPS;
  • 15 repetitions of the exercise, a “fold”;
  • 20 squats with jumping.

Training method AMRAP

Perform as many rounds in 16 minutes.

  • Burpee — 10 times.
  • Pullups normal grip — 10 times.
  • Lunges — 20 times.
  • Twisting 20 times.

Complex EMOM

Each new exercise should be started with the next minutes. Rest between exercises if able to perform the task before 60 seconds. The break lasts until the start of the next minute interval.

Total workout time — 20 minutes, number of laps — 5:

  • first minute — 15 push-UPS;
  • second minute — 10 pull-UPS;
  • third minute — 15 sit-UPS;
  • fourth minute — 20 attacks.

Training method “Ten to one”

This scheme involves performing two exercises in the following order:

  • set 1 — 10 burpee and 1 pull-up;
  • set 2 — 9 burpees and 2 pullups;
  • set 3 — 8 burpees and 3 pullups.

And so on, until the ratio of the number of repetitions of the first and second exercise will be 1 to 10. The rest between sets should be reduced to a minimum.

Program 10 rounds of 20 reps

You should perform 10 sets of 20 reps of each exercise (performed at a quick pace):

  • alternately bending the legs in the support position;
  • twisting lying on the floor;
  • classic squats;
  • attacks.

Training Murphy

This is a classic WOD training, which helps improve athletic endurance. Its implementation will need a treadmill and a cross-bar. Under this system you can do on the street, because on any Playground there is a bar, but running outdoors is much more useful training in the gym.

  • Running — 1600 m.
  • Pull on the bar 100 times.
  • Pushups — 200 times.
  • Squats — 300 times.
  • Running — 1600 m.

Strength exercises with a large number of repetitions you can perform in turns, dividing the total number of repetitions in sets of: 5 pull-UPS, 10 push UPS, 15 sit-UPS or any other convenient ratio.

Beginners should carry the items with their own weight. When the muscles get stronger, you can use the vest with a weight of 9 kg.

The training is based on the AMRAP

The training duration is 7 minutes. During this time, you should perform the maximum number of approaches.

Each set consists of the following exercises:

  • lunges — 10 repetitions;
  • alternately bending the legs in the support position — 10 reps
  • pushups — 10 repetitions.

Workout AMRAP for upper body

Work the muscles of the upper body will help the following set. Time fitness workout — 16 minutes. Perform as many circles as possible with the following elements:

  • burpee — 8 times;
  • pushups — 8 times;
  • pull — UPS- 16 times;
  • UPS leg raises or twisting — 16 times.

The full impact of AMRAP

This high-intensity crossfit training. Running in 20 minutes. The number of circles as possible.

The complex consists of the following elements:

  • squats jumping with 21 repetition;
  • pushups — 15 reps;
  • burpee with pull-UPS in the top — 9 repetitions.

Fat burning crossfit

The complex is practiced at a fast pace with minimal breaks. During a fitness workout, you should perform the maximum number of rounds for 10 repetitions with pushups, burpees and squats.

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