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Crossfit for men: fitness training for beginners

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Crossfit for men: fitness training for beginners
The contents

  • How to organize fitness classes independently
  • Warm-up
  • The choice of exercise load
  • Advice from experienced fitness trainers
  • How to organize a fitness club at home
  • Fitness for lovers. How to build a workout?

Fitness today is very popular among all age groups. This is due to its species diversity. Choose an effective exercise program can a person of any age, gender and level of training. Today we tell you about crossfit — functional training for men. It can be used to achieve impressive results. Of course, if the training will be systematic. The best option is to go to the gym and do under the guidance of an experienced fitness trainer. But you can try to learn crossfit and yourself. With the proper approach, it’s real.

How to organize fitness classes independently

Crossfit is a forced fitness, incorporating elements of many sports: gymnastics, acrobatics etc. In fact, it is a versatile PFD, which you can use to adjust your body.

For GPP (General physical training) we used to go not quite serious. With crossfit, this attitude will not work. It is not so simple as it seems. Before you begin classes, we recommend you to get acquainted with the theoretical part of this sport (crossfit is a competitive sport). If you will be attending the fitness club, in this respect, it will be easier. It will help you to create the right training plan. But in that case, if classes will be held at home independently, without knowledge of theory is not enough.


At the heart of any sport is warming up. Only good at warming up muscles and stretching the ligaments, you can proceed to more complex exercises with a large exercise. As for crossfit, the workout should take at least 20 minutes. And the more you do and the higher the load, the more time must be given to warming up and stretching. Experienced athletes, who in the course of employment, workers use large weights for basic exercises to maintain muscle tone using special warming ointment. Thus, they do not allow them to cool in between approaches. Don’t neglect the warm-up to fitness classes has not been accompanied by a succession of injuries and overload.

The choice of exercise load

During independent activities, where a fitness trainer is you pay special attention to the selection of a load. In no case do not overdo it with such exercises as deadlifts, barbell tilted, the military press and squats with large weights. Too strong an axial load on the spine often ends in problems. Therefore, during training, plan to do 1-2 basic element. And if you feel that today your spine or back is not ready to deal with the weight, then generally discard such elements of fitness.

During heavy workouts monitor your heart rate. For the novice athlete it should not exceed 180 beats/min. breaks between sets, the frequency of contraction of the heart should recover to 130 beats/min. Remember that the long-term limit load exhaust the heart and cause increased pressure. Such an overload will not improve your health and make you stronger.

Fitness classes for beginners we recommend at a leisurely pace. No need to chase records and use complex systems that can be found on the Internet. For example, AMRAP and the like. Spend a few months in preparatory exercises and the mastering of the technique of their execution. Use small bundles of 2-4 types of load on different muscle groups. This will prepare the power base for more advanced training.

Advice from experienced fitness trainers

If you are planning to visit fitness club, then go to the classroom with full responsibility and accuracy. The house will not help the fitness coach, you will indicate the error and will not correct technique. To crossfit brought only benefits, it is necessary to observe the basic principles of training:

  • to train at least 2 hours and not less than 2 times per week;
  • daily to drink at least 4 liters of water;
  • once a week to visit the bath;
  • give up bad habits;
  • take vitamins;
  • spend at least one hour daily outdoors.

It would seem, nothing special in these tips there is. But if you ignore them, there is no benefit from fitness will not.

How to organize a fitness club at home

You don’t have much free time to go to the gym, where a personal fitness trainer will help to plan training? Nothing to worry about. Can arrange on their own. Stick to the following rules:

  • intensity and training load customize your work schedule. If you are tired at work, it is not necessary to additionally load themselves. Transfer training for the day when you are less loaded. Weekday schedule easier classes, and more intensive;
  • it is not necessary to do only at home, even if you have all the conditions. On the street good weather? Use such moments. Run, pull up on the bar, work with own weight. Find yourself a good equipped Playground. Turn it into some kind of fitness club where you will engage and meet like-minded people;
  • if possible, practice with a partner. It will be interesting and useful in all plans;
  • pay attention to diverse preparations. The only way you will be able to build a harmonious trim figure;
  • no need to force yourself to do something if the body is this much of a fight. Always watch your health. If you feel that something is wrong, take a break or completely stop training. To stress the body must adapt. It takes time.

Fitness for lovers. How to build a workout?

You chose your own fitness and recently came to sports? Remember that your body is not ready for serious loads. It will take some time, so you can prepare the heart, muscles, and ligaments to work with great intensity and weight. Therefore, when building your fitness program use the following tips:

  • If you have the opportunity to get advice from experienced trainers of the fitness club, be sure to use it. But remember good advice may not be that teacher who took the course the coaches of crossfit, and one who has achieved good results in this sport.
  • Organize your training process optimally. The maximum should be no more than 3 classes per week. For starters, you can generally be limited to 1-2 exercises. During the development of the crossfit use of a combination of 3-4 exercises with a recovery period of 3-5 minutes. The training duration for beginners — not more than an hour.
  • Exercises with weights gradually introduce. Pay special attention to the technique of the deadlift, bench press, squats. Performing difficult exercises, not be amiss if someone will insure you. Yes, and do be more interesting and easier with a group than alone.
  • The first month of training should become a core. Plan lessons so that activities 1 and 3 weeks, and 2 and 4 weeks repeated. This is necessary in order to fix the result.
  • And the main thing — do not force the training process. Exercise fitness plan and not spontaneously. It will certainly give good results.

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