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Crossfit for beginners: cardio and strength exercises

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Crossfit for beginners: cardio and strength exercises
The contents

  • Basic strength fitness training crossfit
  • Aerobic exercise and cardio in crossfit
  • Rules of the gym

Fitness trend crossfit, despite the fact that there are relatively recently, every year has become increasingly popular. To explain such a massive fascination with crossfit you the fact that exercises of this kind of fitness are extremely effective in reducing the weight, strengthening muscles, developing strength and stamina, and maintain good physical shape.

Basic strength fitness training crossfit

Crossfit is characterized by the diversity of training programs that include elements of other areas of fitness and sports, e.g., gymnastics and weightlifting. Inclusion in training certain exercises depends on your fitness level and ultimate goal of the class. However, beginners in crossfit we recommend that you first learn the basic fitness program to use it as a base to which you can add various training movements to gain loads of fitness classes.

A set of core training movements of crossfit typically includes the following exercises:

  • Burpee.

Stand up straight with your feet at width of pelvis, deep to sit down and rest hands in the floor in front of feet. Sharp and quick movement to take away the lower limbs back fixed into the floor toes and palms. To stay in push-up position for 2 seconds and so sharp and quick movement to return to squat. Make a vertical starting position, jumping out of the squat as high as possible and holding up during a jump hands up. If the level of fitness allows, in this exercise on the stage down on the floor to perform a push-up.

  • Deadlifts.

To approach lying on the floor of the bar so that the feet were under her neck. Keeping your back straight, sit down and take the shell of a standard grip. To raise the bar first to the knees, holding it while lifting as close as possible to the shins, and then fully straighten up, bringing the shell to the level of the hips. This exercise efficiently working muscles of the back and lower extremities. In addition, having mastered the technical skill of performing the deadlift, you can understand the principle of working with free weights and then use it in any strength training movement, basic fitness classes.

  • Push-UPS.

Take the classic push-up position with support on your toes and palms under the shoulders. Inhale and, bending the upper limb to the torso closer to the floor. Exhale and straighten your arms, returning to the starting push-up position. This exercise differs in species diversity, therefore, after the development of standard push UPS, you can begin to implement other types.

  • Squats.

Standing smoothly, to dissolve the lower extremity of the pelvis width, pull the top front of the thoracic or put brush on the belt. Next, in exercise need to take the pelvis back, sacrum pointing slightly upward, and bend the knees, squatting to the level where the buttocks and back of thighs will be in the same horizontal parallel with the floor surface. Fix hips in the bottom position for a second, move the body weight on the heels without lifting the toes of the foot from the floor, and straighten up. In the fitness training crossfit can enter not only this, the classic version of sit-UPS and any other variations, such as squats with weights or plies.

  • The pull-UPS.

This exercise performed on the horizontal bar on which to hang and breathing, to catch up on hand. Holding your own body weight during exhalation, slowly return to the starting vis. Changing the position of the hands on the crossbar of the horizontal bar, you can shift the load on different muscle groups of the torso. After mastering the classic straight push UPS medium grip, you must turn in fitness classes of different variations of this training movement with its own weight.

  • Strap.

Theoretically, the strap technique is extremely simple, but in practice it is quite difficult to achieve. You need to take the emphasis lying down, leaning on your toes and hands or forearms. Pull the stomach, muscles and the entire body, maintaining a straight horizontal position of the spine, to fix this posture for as long a period of time. By carrying out this element of fitness training, remember that proper technique is much more important than its duration.

  • Mahi weights.

Stand up straight, slightly bending the lower extremity. Take weighting, tilt your body forward at a slight angle and make the projectile between the lower limbs. To breathe and giving impetus to the projectile hips to push the kettlebell forward up to shoulder level Department. This exercise provides high-quality load on the muscles of the bark and lower limbs.

Aerobic exercise and cardio in crossfit

Fitness training crossfit and also strength training movements must necessarily include, for example, the following cardio:

  • Jumping rope.

The work rope, which includes the performance of various jumps, effectively trains stamina, and develops coordination. For this reason, jumping rope must necessarily enter into every fitness training.

  • Run.

Intense cardio exerted on the human body when Jogging, strengthens the core muscles of the lower extremities and contributes to the development of physical capabilities.

  • Rowing.

Canoeing intensively load the muscles of the upper torso, as well as help increase strength and endurance.

Rules of the gym

To make the crossfit classes the most productive and safe, it is necessary for fitness training to comply with the following rules:

  • start each workout with a warm-up to prepare muscles and all other systems of the body to intense physical stress;
  • when performing exercises it is important to strictly observe;
  • the load should be systematically strengthened, increasing the number of sets and repetitions in them, and also using the exercises more challenging variations and weights;
  • the number of workouts per week should be at least 2, and as strengthening of the body, this number can be increased to 3-4;
  • it is important to observe the principles of proper nutrition, to achieve a good result from the exercise of crossfit.

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