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Crossfit: exercises and complexes for beginners

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In the modern world, there are many techniques for the development of your body. One of the most effective and popular is CrossFit. To get to understand where the term and what it hides, it is necessary to answer the questions. How did crossfit, what it’s for exercises what are its advantages?

CrossFit: the story of the emergence

In 2000, Mr. Glassman has registered a method of resistance training of high intensity, calling it crossfit. Now about 13 thousand gyms around the world have included it in their available programs. Crossfit combines different exercises and complexes:

  • the elements of weightlifting;
  • dumbbell;
  • run;
  • jump exercise;
  • gymnastics.

Exercises in crossfit

The system of crossfit is based on 3 types of loads:

  • Gymnastics, most of which runs with its own weight.
  • Strength exercises taken from heavy sports.
  • Exercises with the load on the heart is cardio.
  • There are about 35 basic exercises, complexes which will allow to harmoniously develop your muscles everyone. To the gym are

  • AirSquat – deep (air) squats with hands outstretched.
  • Back Extension – extensor movements lying on the floor (the simulator).
  • Box Jump repetitive jumping on a box.
  • Burpee – pushups with jumps 2×1.
  • ChestToBar Pull up – pull on the bar to the chest muscles, if not, start with the buildup.
  • Dip – press on gymnastic rings or bars.
  • HandStand + Push up – handstand (you can start at the wall) and push-UPS in this position.
  • Jumping Squats – the squats, followed by jumping, in the hands at shoulder level fixed dumbbells.
  • Knees to Elbows – tray knees to elbows/chest while hanging on the bar.
  • One Legged Squat – repeating squat on one leg to increase the load, you can hold the kettlebell close to your chest.
  • Rope Climb – climb up the rope in the beginning you can help yourself feet.
  • Sit Ups – lifting trunk from lying position, strengthens the abdominal muscles, legs need to be fixed.
  • V-situp – leg lifts and torso from the supine position towards each other to exercise the muscles of the abdomen.
  • Jumping Jack – jump with the simultaneous wiring of the limbs.
  • Quite a lot in the crossfit strength exercises. That and squats (Back Squat), bench press on the bar (Barbell Bench Press), exercises with the ball in different variations, walking with dumbbells in hands (Farmer’s Wolk). Often use a bag or small punching bag, take a walk with her shots. All exercises are aimed at integrated development of the power component of muscle.

    Basis cardio workouts are some exercises:

    • imitation of cross-country movements in the rest position;
    • training on the simulator “Rowing”;
    • jumping rope 2×1.

    Doing crossfit does not require large spaces and a wide variety of exercises gives the possibility to study at home or at the nearest court yard.
    Complexes for beginners

    When people decided to start doing crossfit falls into the room, or watching videos on the Internet, he wonders, how can we run a number of exercises. Use several principles in order to achieve visible results:

  • Start small.
  • Do approaches from 10 to 1. That is, if the first time sat down 20 times, then 10 squat 10 approach.
  • If you feel bad, stop the exercise.
  • Consider a few basic techniques that will suit the beginner to start to move to more serious results.

    The first set is done at a time, doing it periodically, set the timer and record the results to see the progress:

    • rowing 500 m;
    • 20 deep squats;
    • 20 pushups;
    • 20 pull-UPS torso up with a twist (press);
    • rowing 500 m.

    The second set runs for 15 minutes at the beginning of every minute perform 2 the following appointment:

    • 3 burpee;
    • 5 leg lifts to your chest on the bar.

    The time that is left until the end of the minute, your vacation. If you can do more approaches and effectively to relax, add load.

    The third complex it may seem the most difficult, try to rest not more than 10 seconds after each exercise. Run:

    • 10 burpee;
    • 20 times jumping on the pedestal;
    • 30 dumbbell swings;
    • 10 burpee;
    • 30 lunges on leg;
    • 10 burpee;
    • 20 deep squats.

    Do not spare yourself, but you need to control your condition, it will be better if you interrupt your training, than to lose consciousness.

    In conclusion

    The CrossFit system is well proven for different age groups and is popular with many athletes. A exercise can be performed in the morning, not leaving home, thus supporting the physical form. But the best practice will be sessions with a professional who will provide qualified control and selection of exercises to suit your desires.

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