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Crossfit: benefits and exercise program for beginners

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Crossfit: benefits and exercise program for beginners

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  • Crossfit: the good and the fitness
  • Exercise for beginners
  • The exercises of crossfit

Crossfit is a relatively new fitness trend that is becoming increasingly popular among both novice and experienced athletes. Beginners, this approach may seem meaningless and confusing, and the exercises themselves are too complex. To make a return and to avoid too much load, it is important to create a workout program depending on the level of training of the athlete, and to enter the process slowly and carefully.

Crossfit: the good and the fitness

Crossfit is a circuit training, in which certain physical exercises should be performed in minimal time. This fitness trend was first invented in the United States for physical training of fire brigades, but later has gained unprecedented popularity among professionals and Amateurs of healthy lifestyle.

Crossfit in some respects differs from the usual circuit workout:

  • In the complexes always included exercises aimed at the development of several physical qualities: agility, stamina and strength.
  • Fitness training is conducted on the basis of the basic exercises with weights and without them. Isolated same are not included in the work plan.
  • The complex of exercises performed in a circle, with each successive time you should do it faster.
  • As a result of such regular sessions improve strength, speed and endurance, strengthens the cardiovascular system and accelerates the metabolism, burning excess fat, and the figure becomes taut and textured.

    Exercise for beginners

    The system of training crossfit is a great number of different exercises, but beginners should not learn them all at once. Starting fitness training, it is enough to familiarize with the basic elements and execute them within the first month.

    The basic exercises of crossfit:

  • Burpee really is the hallmark of crossfit, including both aerobic and power load. Is it always with the weight of his own body. Stand up straight, put your hands up, then sit down and press your palms into the floor in front of him. Jump spread your legs back, taking position in the support position. Do one pushup, then jump back to the squat position and you jump up, arms raised vertically.
  • Deadlift beginners is best done with a blank fretboard or bodybare. Stand up straight, placing the rod directly in front of him. Taking the glutes back and keeping your back straight, bend down over the barbell (you can slightly bend your knees). After a moment’s pause, holding the rod straight closed grip, slowly return to its original position, as if gliding projectile at the front of the thighs.
  • Accept the position in the rest position, placing the palms directly under the shoulder joints. Bend and unbend your elbows so that they formed right angles, the body must be completely tense.
  • Stand up straight, spreading his feet shoulder width Department. Keeping your back straight and averting the pelvis back, perform squats to a level where the hips are parallel to the floor.
  • Hang on the crossbar, holding on direct closed grip, distance between your hands should be slightly wider than shoulder width. Pull up to the bar so your chin is raised above it. During these exercises you strain, mainly the back muscles.
  • Jump rope for a minimum of one minute, rotating the only hands.
  • Stand up straight, take a straight barbell closed grip, lift it to shoulder level and abut the neck in the upper part of the chest and shoulders. Then, abruptly on the exhale, squeeze the barbell up. Pausing in the top position for a few seconds, return to initial.
  • Take the situation in emphasis lying, standing or on a flat hands or forearms. In this hands or elbows should be directly under the shoulder joints. Tighten your whole body, keeping it perfectly straight, and prostite in that position for at least one minute.
  • Lie on your back, feet abut at the floor, hands behind your head. Follow-UPS, including the work of mainly the abdominal muscles, but not the back.
  • Lie on your back, legs, pull and roll, hands will do the same. At the same time lift up all the limbs, combining them together.
  • Standing straight, feet spread slightly wider shoulder Department, two hands take the weight. Slightly tilt the body and bend your legs so that the weight was between them. Straightening up, perform Mahi projectile in front of him.
  • Among the cardio exercises are used in crossfit jumping rope, running, Cycling, training on the simulator for rowing.
  • The exercises of crossfit

    The training program crossfit is a Union of several exercises in the individual complexes. Each of them is executed or at the time or on the number of laps depending on your goals.

    Beginners are recommended to do three times a week, using a ready-made physical exercises. Later, after determining the level of their training and clearly understand the essence of crossfit, you can adjust the program for yourself. The first month of classes is the preparatory, during which it is recommended to do as follows.

    In the first month of fitness training classes are held through the day.


    • jumping rope — 30 times;
    • burpee — 5 reps
    • squats — 10 times;
    • direct twisting on press 10 times.

    Such exercise was repeated 5 times without interruption. At the end of the workout you can stand in the bar 2 times for 30-45 seconds.


    • deadlifts — 5 reps
    • on the box jumps — 10 repetitions.

    This complex is run by 8 minutes, the first minute you need to do deadlift, the remaining time is given to rest, the second minute it is necessary to do jumps etc Then the same pattern need to protonemata another 8 minutes doing exercise:

    • rises feet in vis — 8 times;
    • lunges — 10 reps on each leg.


    This set of exercises should be performed 18 minutes, while making just 5 laps. In the time remaining you can run the bar in 2 sets of 1 minute:

    • pull — UPS- 5 times;
    • push-UPS — 9 times;
    • squat 15 times.

    This program need to be addressed within one month, after which you can somewhat complicate and upgrade it.

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