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Creatine – what is needed and does it effect?

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Creatine – what is needed and does it effect?

Where do muscles get energy during fitness training?

To shorten and perform work muscles need energy. It enters the muscle cell in “canned” form, and its source is the molecule adenosine triphosphate (ATP). A molecule of ATP is formed by adenosine and three phosphate residues. When it split, one phosphate, there is a gap macroergic connections, resulting in releasing energy.

Lost phosphate of ATP is converted to ADP (by acid). To once again become a carrier of energy, the ADP needs phosphate to regain balance. This residue ADP supplies the creatine phosphate. Sharing with ADP the phosphate molecule the creatine-phosphate is converted into creatine.

When muscles work, wasted energy, ATP is converted to ADP and if the body is lacking creatine phosphate, ADP accumulates. Too a large number of molecules of ADP as a cause of fatigue and allows the muscles to contract at full strength.

Why in the program include sports nutrition creatine?

During intense fitness level of creatine phosphate falls faster than ATP. That is, the ability of the athlete is limited not by the amount of ATP in cells, but primarily a deficit of phosphocreatine. This means that, if timely supply the body with creatine phosphate, you can increase energy metabolism in the muscles and to achieve the best power performance.

Reduced levels of ATP and phosphocreatine after exercise was measured experimentally. In runners, overcame the 400 meters in 50 seconds, the content of ATP in the muscles of the thighs decreased by 27%, and creatine phosphate – 90%. To the creatine phosphate levels restored, must be at least 5 minutes. Different the consumption rate of creatine phosphate and ATP shows that lack of creatine phosphate inhibits the full and timely provision of muscle energy.

Because with diet to provide the body of the athlete the right amount of phosphocreatine is impossible, it is necessary to take supplements. But the phosphocreatine is cleaved during digestion, so use it does not make sense. Instead, weightlifters drink creatine. Once in the bloodstream, it is transferred to the muscles and there under the influence of a special enzyme is converted into creatine phosphate.

What effect supplementation with creatine?

Taking supplemental doses of creatine, the athlete supports your muscles to the maximum working condition. Creatine accelerates the formation of ATP, reduces its rate of spending during power loads, creates the conditions for the cleavage of ADP and reduces fatigue. Particularly strong beneficial effect of creatine is manifested in intense exercises that last for at least ten seconds.

In addition, taking creatine has a positive effect on the cardiovascular and Central nervous system, relieves chronic and acute inflammation, such as arthritis, and due to the stimulation of energy processes, has a beneficial effect on the organism as a whole.

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