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Creatine Monohydrate 100% of Biotech USA

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Creatine 100% of the Biotech – pure creatine monohydrate designed to improve power performance and muscle growth. Is one of the most favorable option among numerous creatine complexes, which can be purchased on the market of sports nutrition. Creatine Monohydrate 100% is sold on the market in powdered form that is Packed in jars of 100, 300, 500 and 1000 grams.

Usually, people get creatine from meat and other products. Daily intake for the average person is about 2 grams. People engaged in various kinds of sports, especially power, creatine must be much more to continually improve our performance. Unfortunately, to obtain the necessary amount of this component of conventional food is problematic. Based on this factor, almost all athletes who have achieved significant results. Sports supplements are based on creatine.

Effects from taking

In the result of regular intake of these supplements, perhaps:

  • To improve the power data of the athlete.
  • To increase muscle mass.
  • Increase endurance and performance.

Taking creatine leads to one negative effect – a delay of water in the body. As a rule, this factor has no negative impact on the health of the athlete, but lost muscle definition. In this regard, creatine is better not to take the drying process. If you stop taking creatine, then excessive moisture can be eliminated pretty quickly.

Creatine Monohydrate 100 % — exceptionally pure creatine that makes this Supplement today one of the most effective supplements on the sports nutrition market.
How to take Creatine 100% of Biotech

Creatine manufacturer recommends that this drug under a special scheme: the first week is receiving the substance 20 g per day, and the rest – 5 grams per day. The studies revealed that the human body is not able to learn in 1 day more than 5 g of creatine. Therefore it is better to use the standard regimen of 5 g daily, between meals or after training session.

The drug is carried out by the following procedure: take one teaspoon of the substance and is mixed in water or juice. This substance dissolves in liquids, so it must be drink immediately, before it settled on the bottom of the tank. For more rapid absorption and better transport of the creatine, it is better to use with fast carbs is better sweet.

The drug Creatine is 100% acceptable to take with other nutritional supplements. Typically, athletes consume creatine with protein shakes, creatine, amino acid complexes or various energy drinks. This drug is taken courses for 1-2 months, then you need to make the same break.

Note! Sometimes from taking 2-4% of creatine possible problems with the digestive tract. In this case it is better to stop taking creatine monohydrate.


Company Biotech USA is a clear leader in the sports nutrition market. It is noted the high quality of the product and its availability on the market. Typically, reviews about this drug are very positive, the athletes show the high efficiency and absence of side reactions.

Many athletes say that creatine is to drink fresh juices because it will accelerate its transport to the muscular tissues. In addition, many athletes take the drug together with other sports supplements, without any problems.

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