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Creatine Micronized Dymatize

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Creatine Micronized from Dymatize is a quality product creatine monohydrate. This substance is one of the few really work for powerlifting, bodybuilding and other power sports. Take creatine to increase strength, increase the benefits from the workout, increase the intensity of training, and to make the class more active. Professionals from sports and fitness do not tire of repeating that creatine is shown to those who chose natural training as a major. Supplement can be men and women, as the substance does not affect the hormonal balance. Before us is a natural power, and tools that increase the impact of strength training.

Creatine Micronized from Dymatize is capable of:

  • To increase strength;
  • To improve the nutrition of the muscles on a cellular level;
  • Stimulate cell growth
  • To increase anaerobic endurance and power performance of the work;
  • To help with recovery after exercise

Quality supplements

An American company figured out how to improve the absorption of creatine, without the use of “transports”. They just milled active substance and achieve its highest clearance. In the end, Micronized Creatine from Dymatize is less than the standard 20 times, he is faster and better absorbed and does not cause digestive problems.

The company carefully monitors all steps from packing, to work at the factory. For packaging we use only high quality food grade plastic, creatine is not slipping and there is a common problem when Supplement have to break with a spoon.

This creatine is on par with ON, most often, it is the Optimum Nutrician and is considered the main competitor of the brand. What to choose? The authors of reviews on different sites have their preferences, so you should try both, and take the creatine brand that fits better to you personally.

As an indicator of product quality “Dimatayz” is that it is made in the USA and approved for sale there in all stores. To obtain such a permit is difficult if you have poor quality raw materials and products. Therefore, “Dimatayz” for the quality of creatine monohydrate can not survive.

How to take

For better absorption of 5 g of creatine is dissolved in a sweet juice or smoothie. Peach juice, banana juice or nectar is a great choice for the person who decided to load creatine before your workout. By the way, drink it makes sense before power, or in the morning on non-training day. The loading phase with this product to do not required, it is a high quality and well absorbed in the body. But skip the non workout days also is not necessary, you should provide the body with energy every day. If the consumption of sweets for the athlete is not critical, it is better to eat a serving of creatine something 30-40 grams of sugar.

How should you take creatine? In the power sports practice or continuous supplementation throughout the 12-week training, or cycles in a period of particularly intense training. In fitness, focused on building beautiful shapes, it is generally recommended to take creatine in a cycle on mass, muscle growth was more effective. Contrary to popular belief, women can and should take creatine. It will help to more efficiently gain muscle mass, and efficiently carry out the entire volume of the training load, in particular, with specialization on legs and buttocks.

Reviews about Creatine Micronized Dymatize

Most sites that sell sportpit, reported a positive rating of this product. People like the effect they get from creatine. Is there any fluid retention? Yes, in the context of what is usually expected from a sports nutrition product. Creatine can cause a weight gain of 2 kg. Water comes in 2-3 days after the drug is stopped make, so wanting to get into a weight category not to worry.

This product is of high quality and does not cause any side effects on the gastrointestinal tract. It is quite worthy representative of his line, and can be used by athletes of different levels without any fear for health.

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