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“Cranberry juice cures cystitis!” and 10 other myths about health that it’s time to forget

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1. The chest should only visit professional

Ideally, Yes, but not to run to him every week! Once a year is enough. Check the chest you can do, and as soon as you notice something odd, then it is time to see a doctor.

2. Absence of menstruation = pregnancy

The critical days may not be for different reasons. For example, you become a lot of exercise or change weight. Another common cause — stress.

3. Injury of the breast leads to cancer

This is quite a common myth has no basis.

4. Bacterial vaginosis only happens in sexually active

Those who frequently engaged in sex are at greater risk, but this attack can happen to each. The most common cause is too active hygiene of the intimate area! Gels for intimate hygiene, Soaps and even water can cause inflammation.

5. Long-term adoption of the OK leads to infertility

The old myth is still alive. But it is not combined with the fact that the frequent skipping pills may be a pregnancy! This means that the long-term effect pills no.

6. HPV is not transmitted through sex

On the contrary, usually it is and infected. To avoid this, do the tests and get your flu shot.

7. Cranberry juice cures cystitis

There is no evidence, with the same success it is possible to drink water.

8. The presence of HPV mean cervical cancer

Not at all. Types of HPV there are more than a hundred, and most of them are safe.

9. You cannot get pregnant during menstruation

The chances are small, but they are, because the sperm can stay alive up to 5 days.

10. Menopause occurs after 50

The average age is, but every hundredth of encountering it to 40.

11. Women with large Breasts are at risk for cancer

No. For the development of cancer can be many reasons, including bad habits and extra weight, but breast size has nothing to do with it.

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