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Coronavirus and Arnold Classic 2020 USA / Australia. What is canceled

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Arnold Classic 2020 in Ohio and Australia – Update on Coronavirus Event Information. There are still details about what fans can expect from Arnold Classic Ohio this weekend. This, as well as updates to Arnold Australia began to be confirmed by officials. At the Arnold Classic and Arnold Sports Festival, many fans were expected to attend this weekend in Columbus, Ohio, with numbers reaching a quarter of a million people. However, their dreams crashed, as it turned out that this event will undergo serious changes due to concerns about the coronavirus. Not only has the scheduled exhibition been canceled, but now fans will not be able to attend the competition during the weekend. Moreover, 20 athletes who came from virus-affected regions of the world were declared ineligible to participate in the festival. After these revelations, many questions arose about what to expect at the Arnold Classic in the future. According to a press release from Mike Davis, the Arnold Classic Amateur amateur tournament is expected to continue this morning. Although there is still a chance of cancellation. As for professional competitions, it seems that they will take place, as planned. According to IFBB Pro League President Jim Manion, all other bodybuilding competitions will be held. This is good news for fans, as the only weekend event the audience can attend is the pro finals on Saturday. At this point, it seems that other Arnold Classic festivals will not be affected by the coronavirus problem. In particular, it is confirmed that Arnold Classic Australia 2020 is going according to plan. This was confirmed by the promoter of this show Tony Doherty on Instagram:

The Arnold Australia will continue as scheduled
The show must go on !!!
See everyone in Melbourne
March 20-22
The online broadcast of the Arnold Classic USA festival will be at the ARNOLD SPORTS FESTIVAL YOUTUBE CHANNEL ^ user ^ ArnoldSportsFestival
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