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Core muscles: their purpose and the best exercises for fitness training

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Core muscles: their purpose and the best exercises for fitness training

The contents

  • Core muscles and their purpose
  • Features of the training
  • Exercises for the core muscles
  • Rules fitness programs

Cor is a group of deep muscles that provide the hold body in straight vertical position and stabilize the spine, promote full motor activity. Their list is quite broad, and important in maintaining overall health and beautiful appearance greatly. To strengthen the core muscles enough to adhere to simple rules and regularly perform special exercises.

Core muscles and their purpose

Today, there are many sets of exercises to challenge your muscles. But before studying them it is necessary a little familiar with human anatomy.

Core muscles located throughout the body surface and represented in the largest muscle groups. These include:

  • muscles-extensors of the back;
  • oblique and straight muscles of the abdomen;
  • direct and Sartorius muscles of the hips, on the front surface of the legs;
  • the adductor muscles of the thighs, which are placed on the inner surface of the legs;
  • muscles of the knee located on the rear surface of the feet;
  • large gluteal muscle.

Strong abs and toned muscles bark effect on the General health and well-being, lend visual appeal. To keep in tone the muscles should be because it has a significant impact on:

  • the correct posture;
  • the ability to keep balance;
  • taut appearance of the abdomen and buttocks;
  • power indicators;
  • the level of flexibility of the body;
  • the health of the spine, especially among fans of training with heavy weight;
  • the normal functioning of many organs and systems;
  • the harmonious working of all the muscles and parts of the human body.

Based on this extensive exposure data muscle on human health, they definitely need to keep in shape and to give them enough attention during fitness activities.

Features of the training

To core muscles have always been strong, to maintain their flexibility and tone, we need to introduce in your habitual lifestyle, some simple rules:

  • always try to keep your back straight, this is especially true for those people who have a sedentary job;
  • try to spend your free time actively resting, for example, walking in the Park or riding a bike;
  • make a proper fitness program, which will take into account all the core muscles, otherwise you may imbalance in muscle development, which will affect the whole body;
  • follow a predetermined schedule of training that will provide faster and more quality achievement of the result;
  • be sure to consult with your doctor if you have any questions on health and well-being, and experienced fitness instructor in writing and adjustments to the training program;
  • visit massage room, keep all doctor appointments;
  • on a regular basis exercise stretching that will ensure your ligaments and muscles good elasticity;
  • during the day execute the movements, which actively involves the muscles of the abdomen and buttocks: climbs the stairs of torso.

While strengthening the core muscles with exercise for women has its own characteristics, among which:

  • Wearing shoes with the right heel.

The choice too high heels adversely affects the health of musculoskeletal system, the muscles of the bark with irregular and unnatural exercise. Why wear shoes on the heels are recommended in exceptional cases, and in everyday life to choose the heel not above 5 see It promotes improved posture, toned buttocks and abdominal muscles.

  • Easy exercise for abs and buttocks during the day.

This method is only suitable for women, because fatty tissue in these places the men are very deep, and handle them only with heavy loads. Women can from time to time the maximum stretch and relax the muscles of the abdomen and buttocks, allowing to remove excess fat and cellulite from their surface, to increase the effectiveness of exercises to prepare your body for pregnancy and childbirth.

  • Contraindications.

Pregnant women and those who are undergoing treatment for any gynecological diseases, it is not necessary to strengthen the core muscles, because it can cause additional complications.

Exercises for the core muscles

Training muscles Cora suggests to perform both isolation exercises and base, with particular attention to statics. When performing the fitness elements, it is important to combine them together, avoiding excessive stress on one specific muscle in the body.

Best exercise for effective development of the muscles bark:

  • A variety of types of crunches to train the abdominal muscles: direct, oblique, contrary, in vis, on a flat bench or a gym Mat.
  • Squats are a good basic exercise, which includes work with the back muscles, the abdominals, buttocks and thighs.
  • Attacks qualitatively affecting the muscles of the thighs and buttocks, burning excess fat.
  • Pullups provide a good training of the arms, back and chest.
  • Deadlifts actively engages almost all the muscles of the body, loading them in different ways.
  • A variety of static exercises, designed to strengthen the deepest muscles of the body and stabilize it in space.
  • Side and a plain strap, with emphasis on forearm or palm, well-coached all the muscles of the body.
  • The bridge from a lying position or standing up (to complicate the exercises you can perform it on one leg).
  • Alternately raising and lowering the legs lying on a flat surface.
  • Alternate flexion and extension of the knees, standing in the bar, you need to perform at an extremely rapid pace.
  • Rules fitness programs

    When writing fitness programs for training the core muscles is necessary to consider the following recommendations:

  • At the beginning of the training, you should do a little cardio, then perform the stretching elements and a good stretch your whole body.
  • Next you need to perform the selected exercises on statics, which will lead the body to tone.
  • Then turn on in the lesson, isolating the training of traffic on one or two muscle groups. The next workout will have to work other muscles.
  • At the end of the class make a banner for muscles subjected to maximum load.
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