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Core muscles: their characteristics and training

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Core muscles: their characteristics and training

Core muscles – is a set of deep muscles responsible for stabilization of the spine. In English the word “core” means “center, core”. In fact, muscles of the bark forms the basis for the muscular activity of any kind.

The muscles belonging to the cortex, located in the middle of the torso, in the area of the center of gravity, and are responsible for fixation of the spine and holding the position of the body. The development of muscle the bark involves the study of many muscles: medium and small gluteal, adductor, extensor of the back, infraspinatus, rectus abdominis, etc.

Fitness for women and men: why strengthen core muscles?

The development of muscle the bark allows you to improve coordination, develop flexibility, normalize the functioning of internal organs of the abdominal cavity. Trained core muscles provide a solid support for the spine, strengthening his health and helping to preserve a beautiful posture. The center of the body is involved in the work when performing complex movements, so fans of the fitness strong cor are especially needed. It permits to improve power indexes and to reduce the risk of injury.

To maintain the core muscles in shape is useful to do massage and to learn exercises to stretch the muscles and developing flexibility. During the day it is important to focus on maintaining proper posture in any position: sitting, standing, while walking. Working out in the gym, in order to avoid imbalance, it is necessary to evenly develop all the muscles of the bark, not focusing on any one muscle.

The development of the muscles bark: a set of exercises

Muscles bark work comprehensively or give the load on individual muscle groups. To strengthen the press fit twisting. Glutes and legs are trained with attacks. When performing the deadlift in a job involves the lower back and hips, and squats develop the thighs, abdomen, buttocks and back.

For a comprehensive review of the core muscles used static exercises – tense and hold the body in a certain position. Effective in this case, different strap, bridges and grouping of the body on the fitball. Good result gives a simulation run in push-up position and alternate lowering the legs in the supine position.

The secrets of effective training of muscles bark

Initial training should be done with a small number of sets and repetitions. Can be limited to one approach to each exercise. The load on the first classes are not to increase – at first concentrated on working out all the details of proper technique.

So that the muscles are not accustomed to the same type of effect, the follower of healthy lifestyle is from workout to workout to vary the speed of exercise, number of repetitions and duration of rest between sets. It is useful to periodically (every 1-2 months) to include in the programme new exercises and to try different options already developed.

For the harmonious development of the body and health promotion training the core muscles must be combined with other types of physical activity: strength training, cardio, exercises for coordination, stretching and joint mobility.

Technique exercises for core muscles

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