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Muscle cortex is a combination of several types of muscles that form a corset for the skeletal system. Translated from English, core is the center. Healthy central muscles support the spine and correct posture, maintain good health for many years, protect against injuries. As a rule, training core muscles does not take much time, and it is not at all difficult. In order to strengthen your body, it is not necessary to go to the gym, you need to find thirty minutes of time and perform a simple workout at home.

How to find?

Many people think that the muscles of the core and the press are one and the same thing, but this is not entirely true. The core region is a large three-layer muscle group located below and in the center of the body. The press also refers to the cortex, it can be said that this is its basis, but in addition to it the following muscles are included: back, pelvic floor, large and small buttocks, shoulder extensors, iliac-lumbar. All of them are interconnected and provide support for the spine and joints in an upright position. It is impossible to play sports with a weak core. This is fraught with injuries and health problems. Starting the training process, it does not matter at home or in the gym, it is worth first of all thinking about the preparedness of your body as a whole. There are several recommendations, observing which, you can strengthen your body.

Do not slouch. Always monitor your posture. Work in the office at the computer contributes to the curvature of the spine.
Make your holiday active: a bicycle, roller skates, skis – it doesn’t matter. All this will help make the core stronger.
Train. Morning exercises, dancing or an individual selection of workouts will help to stay healthy for many years.
Listen to your body. If discomfort is felt during exercise, contact a specialist.
Visit a massage therapist.
Do not forget about stretching, it relaxes perfectly.
During the day, make sure that the stomach is pulled in and the buttocks are tense. This advice is especially suitable for women. Fat deposits in women are found on the surface, so an inverted belly will help get rid of friability. Tense buttocks during the day will also give a surprise in the form of pumping intimate muscles, which will perfectly affect intimate life.
Comfortable shoes. If everything is clear with men, then women just need to lower them from high stilettos. This does not mean that you need to wear flat shoes. An alternative is high heel shoes within 5 cm.

muscle cortex

How does muscle weakness affect a person?

If a person does not have strong enough core, this is fraught with unpleasant consequences. Overexertion or weakening of muscle tissue leads to curvature, bulging of the department in which it is present. For example, when the gluteal muscle tissue is weakened, the buttocks visually look more flat and even, if the abdominal muscles are weakened, a convex stomach appears, and the lower back is in a state of unnatural deflection, which negatively affects the state of the body as a whole.

If you do not need such problems, then include in your daily exercise statistical loads aimed at strengthening the whole body. Any weightlifter will confirm that without a strong core, it is impossible to effectively train your arms, legs and other parts of the body. It is much simpler, for example, to achieve raised arms with a strong muscle corset, because in this case it becomes easier to perform basic exercises, working weights grow.

pumps core muscles

How to train?

There are many different exercises. The most effective are considered statistical. At the time of their execution, the body is in an uncomfortable position for itself, it is at this moment that the muscles are worked out as much as possible. Statistical loads include all kinds of slats (on straight and bent arms, side, walking, jumping on slats and others), a “chair” against the wall, all kinds of bridges with emphasis on one leg, various exercises on the fitball and many others, in which involves the maximum number of core muscles.

It’s easy to train your core muscles at home. For most of the above actions will not require additional sports equipment. For the best result, it is recommended to paint a training plan for different muscle groups for a month. After this time, change it. This is done so that muscle fibers do not get used to repetitive stress. To gain muscle mass, “steel” core is simply necessary. A trained body is stronger, more resilient, functional, flexible, and it is easier for a person to control his movements. If there is no control of movements and functionality, then other factors are simply impossible to apply in practice.

A trained body makes it possible to avoid spinal injuries in various sports, such as running, weightlifting, and in everyday life (weight lifting, for example).

You should start with simpler workouts with your weight, gradually increasing the load. Over time, you can switch to heavier weights. The muscle training plan should look something like this:

the first stage is cardio, stretching, a meaningful technique with a small number of repetitions for the development of core muscles. The main thing at the first stage is to help your body get used to new loads. If necessary – nutrition correction, without this it will be difficult to get rid of excess body fat;
the second stage – strength training with different weights and with varying degrees of load;
the third stage is the alternation of cardio and strength exercises, an increase in approaches, more complex combinations in one training session for the growth of muscle fibers.

The most effective exercises

No matter how many exercises aimed at strengthening the muscles of the back, shoulders, abdomen and the rest of the body, there are TOP exercises, during which the effect is achieved much faster. The whole training should take no more than an hour, taking into account the warm-up and stretching. Between workouts there should be rest days, this is necessary so that the body has time to recover and rest. What exercises to strengthen the core should be performed?

Strap. This is a statistical exercise. Technique: straight body (from the top of the heel to one straight line), the stomach and buttocks are tense, breathing is not held up. It is carried out depending on the level of training from 30 sec. up to 1 minute.
Twisting. There are two options: legs in statics, legs on the floor. Technique: the body is pressed to the floor, the stomach is tense, hands are in front of or behind the head, with the help of the abdominal muscles, lifting is performed upward. There should be a burning sensation in the area of ​​the press.
Gluteal bridge on one or two legs. Technique: lying on your back, legs bent at the knees are on the floor. On the exhale, the rise of the buttocks. At the upper point, squeeze the buttocks, linger in this position for a few seconds. Get down on the floor.
Side twisting. Technique: lying on the floor, raise your shoulders and maintain this position until the end of the exercise. The press is tense. Hands behind your head. Squeeze your elbow slowly towards the opposite knee.
Climbers. Technique: stand on the bar with outstretched arms. Pull the knee to the chest in the opposite direction.
A boat or superman. Technique: lie face down on the floor, hands behind your head. On exhalation, tear the body and legs off the floor. As you inhale, drop to the floor. keep your buttocks energized all the time.

These and other exercises perfectly develop endurance, strengthen the muscles of the body, allow you to engage in more serious sports, avoiding injuries. Currently developed whole training systems aimed at strengthening the central muscles. This allows you to maintain the hips, pelvis and spine in the correct position without additional stress. It’s enough to train core muscles three times a week. This is necessary in order not to clog the muscles and give them time to relax. And as it was written above, it is not necessary to go to the gym to be in good physical shape.


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